Alison FX

Alison fears Kay less nowadays

Alison (a.k.a. Owlison) is a gorgeous feral cat who resides in the areas surrounding the Ray Kitty Ranch in Mesa, Arizona. She appeared from the storage units in early 2009. Kay told Amy that if they put food out for her, then she would keep coming around, so Amy grabbed a handful of food and set it on the other side of her fence nearby where the cat had been lingering. The cat immediately ate the entire handful, so Amy put more food in a small container (as well as some water). As expected, the cat continued coming around (along with a few other local strays).

Each time the unnamed feral cat saw Kay, she would perk her ears back in annoyance, which made her look like a weird owl, thus he called her "Weird Owl," until Amy smartened up Kay to the fact that most tortoise shell cats are female. Kay quickly modified her name to "Owlison" before simplifying it to "Alison." (Kay still calls her "Owlison" to clarify that he is speaking about an animal and not a girl, hence the reason she is listed under "Owlison.") Conversely, Amy called the cat "Erin" originally, then "Mama" after her first litter because she didn't think Alison liked the name "Erin." It wasn't until September 22, 2010, that Amy referred to the cat as Alison.

Alison Litter 2A

Alison with her second litter

Before long, Alison was with-kitten and she gave birth to four kittens (two orange tabbies and two black kittens). They were named Kitty B (i.e. "leave the kitty be!"), Mews (named after the sound of his repetitious meowing), and Groovy (because Amy was reading a Bruce Campbell bio at the time), but the fourth one disappeared before it was named. A few months later, Groovy went missing and is now presumed dead. =( Amy & Kay buried a small black cat who was possibly Groovy but he appeared too big for a five-month-old kitten. On March 24, 2010, Alison gave birth to a second litter of three kittens: Bentley (pronounced the same as Maci on "Teen Mom"), Cheyenne (named for Shawn Michaels' daughter), and McKitty (inspired by "Grey's Anatomy"). Kay had a dream several weeks prior to their births that there was a very friendly one who looked just like her mom, so Kay took her home to live with Pins & Needles. While Cheyenne looks a lot like Alison, she is not friendly enough for Kay to bring home.

On December 30, 2009, Amy texted Kay that she saw a cat had been run over by a car and, although there was not enough left to be sure, she thought was Alison. This news was particularly upsetting because the night before, Kay had wanted to try to take a picture of Alison (when he first tried in May 2009, she ran away anytime he pointed his camera at her). As Kay came over to let out Jericho, there were no cats around, so he started to open the door when he was startled by a rustle near the tree behind him. It was Alison, completely obliviously to the fact that Amy and Kay spent all day concerned for her well-being. Kay fed Alison and became obsessed with getting her picture. The photo at the top of the article was the result of his persistence. The events of this day made Kay start claiming Alison was "his cat." Despite their disagreement on her name, Amy often referred to Alison as "your cat" when talking to Kay about her.

In March 2011, Amy, Jericho, and Kaena moved from Mesa back home to Galesburg, Illinois, leaving Alison and her kittens behind, although Kay still provides food to her new feeders.

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