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Peter Goodman -- (born November 11, 1979, as Peter Zwissler) was an independent pro wrestler from California and Arizona. He graduated from Ultimate University through Ultimate Pro Wrestling.
California careerEdit

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Arizona careerEdit

Peter Goodman started with Impact Zone Wrestling in July 2004 as a member of The Good Guys alongside partner Johnny Goodtime. Representing UPW, the two had matches with Team Elite (Mike Knox & Derick Neikirk) and Native Warriors (Navajo Warrior & Hawaiian Lion) without much success.

After his partner moved to the East Coast, Goodman continued the "good guy" gimmick of faux smiling, obnoxious optimism, and underhanded treachery, as a singles competitor in IZW. His first measure of success came when he defeated Western States champion "XXX" Lawrence Tyler to win the championship in September 2004. After winning the title, Goodman posted an open contract in the locker room but kept the pen, so nobody could sign to wrestle him and he could have the night off without defending his newly won championship. However, Justin Roberts informed Goodman that G. Q. Gallo had answered the challenge and he would have to defend the title. Goodman won the match with an illegal pin, but Gallo continued to pursue the champion. Eventually, Gallo challenged Goodman in a Lumberjack match in November, and he was finally able to defeat Goodman cleanly to win the title.

Shortly thereafter, Peter Goodman began to bully rookies Ryan Lynch and Lucha Reigns, even bringing in another UPW standout named Lil' Nate to face the duo. Goodman and Nate had great success against the rookies, but bigger things were ahead of Goodman. Just two weeks after "XXX" Lawrence Tyler won the IZW Heavyweight Championship, LT realigned with Sheik Samir Hussein to defend against Goodman, but Hussein double-crossed his former charge and helped Goodman win the championship belt. Goodman reigned as IZW Champion for the next several weeks before Hussein challenged former-WWE Superstar A-Train to a title match having mistaken Train for George The Animal Steele. Goodman was mismatched against the more experienced Train, but he gave a tremendous title defense before falling victim to the big man.

Goodman was not without championship gold for long, and he and Antonio Mestre, another UPW standout, won the IZW Tag Team championship belts from Team Elite in March 2005. As the California Connection became more successful, the more in-fighting began, and it eventually cost them all the gold as a bitter feud between Goodman and Nate developed.

Antonio Mestre remained with Peter Goodman and the California Connection, but Goodman caused Mestre to lose a singles match to Lil' Nate on September 27, so Mestre gave Goodman the night off before he and Nate engaged in an Izzie Award-winning Match of the Year. After Mestre beat Nate in a 30-minute Iron Man match, Goodman beat down Mestre for his betrayal, before shifting his attention back to Lil' Nate himself. At the end of regulation, Mestre defeated Nate by a score of 4 falls to 3.

On December 6, 2005, Lil' Nate and Peter Goodman wrestled in a match that was six months in the making. The two men battered each other for almost 20 minutes, before Goodman left the ring to give Nate a count-out victory. Although Nate was the official winner, Goodman felt he accomplished everything he said he wanted to do. But Nate was unsatisfied, and two weeks later, the two met in a Lumberjack Rematch. However, the match ended in a no-contest when Antonio Mestre attacked both men.

Afterwards, it was declared that all three men would meet in a triple threat match which was dubbed The Match of Matches. It took place on January 3, 2006, and Lil' Nate won the match with a sunset flip to Mestre off the second rope, but nothing was settled, and Goodman challenged Mestre to a singles match, but Nate injected himself again, proposing that they raise the stakes and make it a Loser Leaves IZW match. That match took place two weeks later, and it was marred by controversy and emotion. Initially, Nate and Mestre forced Peter Goodman to submit, but it was determined that since both men had a hand in the submission that neither one could be declared the winner, so the match restarted. Later, Goodman pinned Mestre to be declared the winner; however, the match was "loser" leaves town, and since Goodman was the winner, it was undetermined whether Nate or Mestre lost, so those two had a Sudden Death fall, which Nate won, thus forcing Mestre out of IZW.


PG Productions gather at ringside

Shortly thereafter, Peter Goodman interrupted the highly anticipated White Trash Wedding between Cowboy Jack Durango and Adrenelyn. Goodman further established himself as an "impact player" by becoming the CEO of PG Productions, IZW's major sponsor. Amid his personal feud with Durango, Goodman concocted a plan to bring the IZW Heavyweight title to PG Productions in controversial fashion. Before a title match between then-IZW champion Lawrence Tyler and Lucha Reigns, PG Productions apprehended Lucha and replaced him with a masked Lionheart (who was unceremoniously fired from IZW by Justin Roberts a few weeks earlier). Lionheart won the match, and then Goodman leveraged his power as IZW's primary sponsor to ensure the title change was official.

Behind the scenes, Goodman stayed ahead of the curve with another coup when he and arch-rival Durango made a secret truce, and Goodman booked his champion Lionheart into a title match against Durango, which Durango won. Two weeks later, Goodman won the Western States title from Lucha Reigns before he and Durango unveiled their partnership in the main event at the expense of Miracle Mike James. However, Lil' Nate was hot on their trail in his pursuit of the IZW Heavyweight championship, which he finally secured on November 7, 2006, while Goodman was distracted during his feud with Hawaiian Lion.

Not to be outdone, Peter Goodman attempted to rain on Nate's parade, insisting that he had made the Western States championship more valuable than Nate's new IZW championship. The two renewed their rivalry, leading to a title unification match on January 16, 2007, just one year after the Loser Leaves IZW match. Nate beat Goodman to unify the championship belts, but two weeks later, Goodman won the titles in a Fatal Four-way against Nate, Lion, and Frankie Kazarian. Unfortunately, Goodman was unable to keep the titles away from Lion, who was duped by Goodman in September 2006 by winning the Path to Greatness gauntlet match, only to learn there was nothing at stake.

After losing the IZW titles, Goodman re-established PG Productions with Jacob Herzberg & The Marty complete with his old manager Sheik Samir Hussein, except this time Goodman was on the receiving end of Hussein's double-cross. Goodman continued to wrestle with Impact Zone Wrestling but his appearances were fewer and further between. He was Jay Garland's mystery partner against IZW Impulse champion Ryan Lynch & Nick The Fury DeMichael. He wrestled Hawaiian Lion in April 2009 in the last match Lion had before under-going neck surgery. After Lion won the match, he announced his retirement from the ring. Goodman's last match with IZW was a tag match with fellow UPW standout Andrew Hellman. Together, their team name was going to be "Hella Good."

Mr IZW trib

Kay's tribute to Peter Goodman

On August 26, 2009, Peter Goodman was found dead at the age of 29 in his home in California. While premature deaths have plagued the wrestling industry for years, IZW had been lucky to avoid any such tragedies amongst its roster until then. The next IZW show was billed as the Peter Goodman Memorial show, featuring a very special Path to Greatness triple threat main event amongst Hawaiian Lion, Navajo Warrior, and Antonio Mestre, dedicated to Goodman himself. "Pro Wrestling Illustrated" (Febuary 2010, pg. 13) covered his death, stating "The wrestling world also mourns the (loss of Peter Goodman) ... Goodman, who worked for NWA promotions in California, Nevada, and Arizona, was only 29. The cause of death was reportedly an overdose of pain pills." The following issue, Peter Goodman was listed on "In Memoriam" page of their historic Year-End Issue (March 2010, pg. 59).

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