Desert Dogs since 1996

The Phoenix Coyotes are the National Hockey League franchise playing out of Phoenix, Arizona (technically, their home games are in neighboring Glendale nowadays). They started life as the Winnepeg Jets but moved to the United States for the 1995-96 season. Upon adding a hockey team, the Phoenix metro area became represented in all four major North American sports leagues through the Arizona Cardinals (NFL), Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB), and Phoenix Suns (NBA).

Unfortunately, the financial profits from an ice hockey team in the Valley of the Sun have been limited, at best (additionally, the franchise only won two playoff series in its history until April 2012) so the NHL had a potential buyer ready to move the team out of state, although an Arizona watchdog group has threatened to sue the city of Glendale if the team is moved out of state. The multi-layered controversy has continued over several seasons, and in the most recent developments, the strongest potential buyer in Winnipeg secured Atlanta Thrashers before the Coyotes could be sold, so the talks have flattened for now.

The Coyotes (also known simply as the "Yotes" or sometimes the "Desert Dogs") are the favorite NHL team of Jimmy Nova, so he would be disappointed if the move were ever finalized; also, Kay would miss games Phoenix hosts against his Montreal Canadiens. Additionally, their new goalie Smitty has done more to turn Kay into a Yotes fan than anything in his first 15 years living in Arizona.

Due to their state of flux, Phoenix Coyotes seem to be the most active team in terms of trades. Fortunately, the trades rarely are single-handed and often Coyotes benefited from the changes, which has paid off as their 2012 playoff bid continues strong.

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