Claustrophobic's album cover

Popular Discontent was an independent Canadian band based in Pincher Creek, Alberta. It was headed by singer/songwriter Kyle Sonnenberg with guitarist Colin Tilson, bassist Edwyn Ellingson, and drummer Josh Ross. They recorded a studio album called Claustrophobic in 1997, which was released as Another Tatanka Recording Product featuring these 12 original tracks:
  1. Paint My Body
  2. Mountain Song
  3. Incubus Onus
  4. Behind Back
  5. Claustrophobic
  6. Humble Solution
  7. Break of Day
  8. Anymore
  9. Down
  10. Groove Lullaby
  11. Prophecy
  12. Peaceful Anarchy

A few of the songs (Claustrophobic, Peaceful Anarchy, and later Down) were staples in the Caterwauls live performances for many years.

After the group disbanded, Kyle and Josh had a side project called DSFA before Kyle Sonnenberg moved to Arizona where he continues to write and record new music in Tempe.

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