Prescription Pill

Caterwauls' 1st studio album

"Prescription Pill" was the first studio album by the Caterwauls.  It was recorded in 2004, in Tempe, Arizona, for Holy Ear Recordings.  All songs and lyrics were written by Kyle Sonnenberg.

Track listing:
1. Claustrophobic / Punk Song
2. OK
3. Prescription Pill
4. Grace
5. Setting Son
6. Ruler
7. Security
8. Decision
9. Happy
10. Stonehead Guru

After a limited release, the album was available exclusively on the official website for the Caterwauls until August 2005 when it was officially released (sans "Stonehead Guru") with the following liner notes: "This CD was recorded mostly on Monday.  We're very proud of its indie quality.  We think you'll love the songs because we do.  If not, you can always lie.

"We have a lot of people to thank.  Thank you.  Kyle uses Chief's guitar, Sam's Marshall amplicification, and Lana's PA (thanks Lana).  Sam uses Rio Salado beer and Bank of America technology.  Tony uses City of Mesa police, Tent City housing, coffee & processed muffins.  We love Raegan.  Our website would not be possible without Edwyn, an uncompromising artistic Ninja of death.  Special thanks to Chief for his generosity and Wisdom.  Without Chief, this recording would not have been possible.  Thanks to all our friends & family for supporting us, even those that think we're too loud.  Lastly, thanks Satan, unless your name was Steven, but because of your tail, we always assumed you were Satan.  In any event, thanks for those non-perishable food donations buddy."

Five of the songs on this album appeared on prior and future releases by Kyle Sonnenberg, including "Claustrophobic" (Popular Discontent), "Punk Song" (Kyle Son), "Prescription Pill" (On The Way), "Ruler" (Misguided), and "Stonehead Guru" (DSFA), but each of the songs was re-recorded as a different version than the track recorded for this album.

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