Andy t2 laserdisc

Andy shows off his first Laserdisc: Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Also his favorite movie.

Psycho Andy is the nickname for Andy Costello, an Arizona-based comic artist, and graphic designer.

In late 2002, Andy decided that he wanted to create a webcomic, and enlisted the help of trusted friend Brandon A. Mayo. Together, the two came up with the premise for Hawk & Croc, which launched on March 1, 2003, and lasted until March 1, 2008.

In September 2005, Andy decided that NOT owning was unacceptable and so he purchased the domain name for the following 5 years. In December of that year, he opened the Message Boards, using ProBoards, and the lives of his friends and family were forever changed.

In 2008, Andy and Brandon began 3rd Sprite, a Street Fighter III:Third Strike-based webcomic. The comic lasted for 30 strips before being put on hiatus. The two have considered resurrecting it.

In 2009, Andy and his cousin Grimm began Hawk & Kid. When Andy's computer broke, the comic went on hiatus. It is still in production and returned in 2011!

In December 2008, Andy opened Comic Zone in Scottsdale, Arizona, which he co-owned with his mom Linda Costello, brother Sean Costello, and business partner Avery Goodman. Comic Zone hosted three consecutive Free Comic Book Day events before it closed for business at the end of May 2011.

While working at Comic Zone, Andy was hired on a part-time basis at Scottsdale Community College's Performing Arts Center, where he did a lot of heavy lifting and re-arranging things and developed a new respect for ladder matches.

Andy lived at The Casa, along with Jason Dragon, susan, and Wesley, from August 2008 through February 2010. Currently, Andy is living at Bob's House and he graduated from SCC in May 2011.

Psycho Andy is at least somewhat responsible for everything related to Except when he's obviously not.

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Nwa national championship

Andy holding the NWA National Heavyweight Championship on Feb 28, 2012

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