NWA Rising Phoenix Wrestling is an Arizona-based independent pro wrestling promotion. It was founded by several fans at Impact Zone Wrestling shows who wanted to run a wrestling show with more independent wrestlers, especially those out of California.

The first RPW show was on March 11, 2006, at the Broadway Rec. Center in Mesa, Arizona.  It featured a triple threat main event match amongst Hawaiian Lion, Lil' Nate, and (making his Arizona wrestling debut) Human Tornado.  Additionally, Lawrence Tyler wrestled Frankie The Future Kazarian to a draw.

The next show followed one month later on April 22, 2006, and it was scheduled to feature a lot more wrestlers from California, including Aaron Aguilar (known nationally as Jesus in WWE).  Unfortunately, the scheduled California wrestler could not make the show, citing car trouble, so a booking shuffle resulted in an 8-man RPW Invitational tournament, which saw Kazarian defeat Tyler in the finals.

The show returned on August 12, 2006, to crown the inaugural RPW Arizona champion.  The main event featured a Fatal Four-way elimination match amongst Lawrence Tyler, Lil' Nate, Hawaiian Lion, and Scott Lost.  Tyler pinned Nate to win the match after Lion and Lost eliminated each other.

RPW did not run any shows through the rest of 2006, but they returned the following year to host events in January, March, June, July, September, October, and November, before their final event on November 10, 2007, at which RPW began talks to merge brands with Impact Zone Wrestling.  Additionally, RPW became an official territory for the National Wrestling Alliance in 2007, and their championship belt was renamed the NWA-RPW Heavyweight championship accordingly.

In August, NWA Rising Phoenix Wrestling regrouped to schedule its first event in almost two years for Saturday, October 24, 2009. 

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