"The Man Hell Conceived" REDRUM -- (born April 20, 1977, as Jon Hugger, in Atlanta, GA) was an IZW pro wrestler in 2007 who signed with Total Nonstop Action in November where he became "RELLIK" (which is "killer" spelled backwards). REDRUM made his IZW debut in early 2007, attacking Navajo Warrior and aligning with the devious Beaver Las Vagas. Afterwards, he stole the souls of Mucha & Lucha Reigns and some rookie named Mark to form The Order of REDRUM. The Order crossed paths with GQ Gallo and Gallo/REDRUM embarked on a memorable feud until WWE developed a great interest in REDRUM, and they offered him a spot on the touring roster. Unfortunately, things never reached the next level and their working arrangement ended almost as quickly as it started (most analysts attributed WWE's loss of interest directly to his name appearing as a recipient of illegal prescriptions).

Instead, REDRUM made his TNA debut at Genesis 2007 as Rellik (which is "killer" spelled backwards). Rellik (which is "killer" spelled backwards) spent most of his on-air time hanging around Black Reign and, during each and every match, Mike Tenay would inform viewers that "Rellik" (which is "killer" spelled backwards) spells "killer" backwards. Unfortunately, his character had no real direction and TNA/Rellik (which is "killer" spelled backwards) went their separate ways after several months to the benefit of neither party.

REDRUM made a few special appearances with Impact Zone Wrestling in 2008 and spent a lot of time in AAA in Mexico that year, where he was screwed over by their head booker and came back to the States at a loss (financially speaking, as well as creatively). In 2011, he returned to the Phoenix wrestling scene as Johnny The Bull Stamboli with EXW.

Prior to his conception in Hell, Jon Hugger was known to wrestling fans as Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli in WCW and later WWE. He had some degree of success in both companies, winning the WCW Tag Team Championship in January 2000 and winning the WWE Hardcore Championship twice in July 2002.

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