Simply Ravishing!

Ravishing Rick Rude -- (born December 7, 1958, as Richard Rood, in Robbinsdale, MN) was a pro wrestler, best known as the self-proclaimed "The Sexiest Man Alive," for his chiseled physique, and for his work in the World Wrestling Federation, World Championship Wrestling, and Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Ravishing Rick Rude entered the WWF in July 1987, and his WWF career was under the guidance of Bobby "The Brain" Heenan (in Heenan's first bio, he listed Rude as the only person he managed who did not want his help), and he feuded with Jake "The Snake" Roberts over Cheryl Roberts, with The Ultimate Warrior over the WWF Intercontinental championship, with Roddy Piper over the course of 1989, and with Big Boss Man over Boss Man's mom. Although, the last feud never materialized since Rude left the WWF before it took off. He entered WCW in 1991, where he joined the Dangerous Alliance and he feuded with Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, Dustin Rhodes, Sting, and Ric Flair. Rude held the WCW United States title and Big Gold Belt during his time with WCW. He broke his back during a May 1994 match with Sting, and he subsequently retired as a wrestler but he stayed within the wrestling industry as a ringside assistant for the likes of Shane Douglas (ECW), Degeneration X, and Curt Hennig with the nWo. Rude made history in the Monday Night Wars by being the only man to appear on a taped episode of Monday Night Raw and a live episode of Monday Nitro on the same night.

Unfortunately, Rick Rude passed away on April 20, 1999 (the day after the Columbine high school tragedy). His cause of death was an overdose of "mixed medications." In 1994, Rude had testified that he had used anabolic steroids to alleviate joint pain and to increase muscle mass

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