The phrase "Ring is the new street" is often used by Kay to explain why he modified wrestling jargon for use in casual conversations. The use of wrestling jargon outside of wrestling discussions is common amongst wrestlers and fanatics, but when there is a non-wrestling fan, then the phrase is often appreciated. Similarly, "street" jargon was made common amongst popular rap acts and a lot of their phrases have entered the American lexicon. The phrase itself is a spoof off the fashion world's ever-changing "(color) is the new pink (or sometimes black)" decree.

Examples of UsageEdit
  • Blown Up: In the wrestling world, getting "blown up" is when a wrestler reaches the starting stages of exhaustion, usually having a negative impact on his/her performance inside the ring. In-ring conditioning is critical to success as a wrestler, so getting blown up has a very negative connotation. In casual use, it is applicable to describe exhaustion within your regular daily schedule.
  • Heat: In the wrestling world, "heat" is a backstage term for ill-feelings towards another performer. The term is derived from the stage of matches known as "building heat" where dirty tactics are employed. Often, the term is used as "having heat" for when you have raised the ire of someone else. In casual use, it is applicable for any similarly ill-feelings towards or from another person, albeit the term can get confusing when used inter-gender as it sounds as though it is conveying sexual interest.
  • Mark Out: In the wrestling world, "mark out" is an often-involuntary reaction to a spot in wrestling matches where fans treat the performance art as though it were a genuine competitive contact sport. Most commonly, "mark out" moments occur when there is a present danger of actual injury to the wrestlers. In casual use, it is applicable anytime a reaction exceeds expected levels. For example, YouTube has footage of children opening Christmas presents and 'mark out' as though the present was the greatest thing ever.
  • Promo: In the wrestling world, a "promo" is a soliloquy given by a wrestler to speak his mind. In casual use, it is applicable anytime someone is spouting off their beliefs or feelings without giving others a chance to respond without interrupting.
  • Put over: In the wrestling world, "putting someone over" means to let someone win a match and "putting yourself over" means to elevate your contributions to a greater significance than warranted. In causal use, it is applicable anytime someone is trying to make something sound better than it really is.
  • Sell: In the wrestling world, "selling" is when a wrestler reacts to a move or hold as though there is pain, but it is part of the performance art and there is no genuine discomfort. Additionally, "selling" can be used to gauge a wrestler's reaction during promo, usually acting as though it were unexpected when he/she was fully expecting the situation. In casual use, it is applicable inline with the second definition, especially amid a ruse, although it can also be used anytime you're playing dumb or innocent.
  • Smarten Up: In the wrestling world, "smartening up" is when you inform someone else of the tricks to business. Way back in the day, wrestlers were trained without fully understanding that it is not the competitive contact sport that it is presented as, so after a wrestler earned his spot, the veterans would "smarten up" a rookie to how to work matches. In casual use, it is applicable anytime you tell someone something they should have already known (or someone tells you something you should've known).
Actual UsageEdit

There are several examples of actual usage of "ring is the new street" hidden throughout the EnPsychoPedia, often on entries that Kay penned. Additionally, HHH is often guilty of using wrestling jargon in real-life situations outside the ring.

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