The Road Warriors were a legendary tag team, consisting of Hawk & Animal. They are the only tag team to achieve the so-called "Triple Crown" by winning the tag team championships in the World Wrestling Federation (as "Legion of Doom"), National Wrestling Alliance, and American Wrestling Alliance. No other wrestlers accomplished this feat at the World championship level either.

Hawk & Animal were trained by Verne Gagne, and they beat The Crusher & Baron Von Raschke in August 1984 for the AWA World Tag Team championships. They kept a stranglehold on the titles for the next 13 months, before moving to the NWA territories where they won the NWA World Tag Team championship in October 1988 and held those titles for almost six months. From there, the Road Warriors signed with the WWF where they were renamed the "Legion of Doom" (which was a term used for a faction they were a part of with Jake Roberts, King Kong Bundy, and others, but it was also often used as a nickname for the team in other promotions). They won the WWF Tag Team Championship in August 1991 and they reigned as champions until February 1992.

Almost immediately, Road Warrior had its share of immitators, including Demolition, Powers of Pain, and even men like Ultimate Warrior & Sting (who teamed together prior to their singles success).

After their tremendous "Triple Crown," the team broke up for a considerable length of time, but they reunited and they were once again WWF Tag Team champions in October 1997. Unfortunately, they never matched their previous history, so they were repackaged as "LOD 2000" at WrestleMania XIV but the new name was not followed with additional success.

In 2003, Road Warriors faced then-World Tag Team champions Rob Van Dam & Kane on a live episode of RAW as a tryout match, but WWE passed on hiring them. A few months later, Road Warrior Hawk passed away. Reigning champions Dudley Boyz paid tribute to them that night.

Together, the team was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in the Class of 2011. Additionally, World Wrestling Entertainment released a DVD about the team's history titled Road Warriors: The Life & Death of the Most Dominant Tag Team in Wrestling History.

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