Caterwauls' 2nd studio album

"Rozepedals" was the second studio album by the Caterwauls.  It was recorded in 2005, by Joey Buyske at the Tempe Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, mixed by Aaron Feller at Skye Audio Studios, and produced by the Caterwauls.  All songs and lyrics were written by Kyle Sonnenberg.

Track listing:
1. Rozepedals
2. Slappery
3. Memory
4. Liar
5. Meat
6. Blame
7. Faded Thought
8. Climb
9. Blissful Kisses
10. Circle
11. Free Your Mind

The album was truly a collaborative effort as it was mostly recorded as a school project for Joey Buyske and Aaron Feller, which enabled the Caterwauls to get a top quality recording at minimal expense, and the cover design was by Geoff Ledet of Letter 7.  The CD was officially released in September 2005.  It was the first album in which Kay was given thanks in the liner notes.

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