Ruby Tuesday

Ruby poses for a picture

Ruby Tuesday Lewis was the faithful canine companion of Mallory Lewis, and the first dog that Mal claimed as her own.  Ruby was a full-blooded Labrador that Mal and her parents got in August 1998. At one point in time, Emily Roeder claimed that she was in love with Ruby.

Ruby would always sleep in Mal's room throughout the winter months, and even during the summer months, she would sleep in Mal's bedroom for part of the night. Likewise, Ruby's favorite toy was an orange stuffed cat that Mal got when she was three.

By nature, Ruby was one of the best hunting dogs complete with a natural instinct to chase birds towards the hunter (as most dogs are inclined to do the opposite and flush birds away). In addition to birds, Ruby would hunt the morning paper every day and bring it inside. Likewise, Ruby learned a large variety of tricks from the classic "stay" and "sit" to the complex yet adorable "crawl."

Although Kay insists the dog was named after a Jeordie song (one that the Rolling Stones wrote and made famous before any of us were born), the popular song was only the inspiration for her name: "Ruby" was her birthstone and "Tuesday" because that's the day of the week she was born.

Sadly, Ruby Tuesday passed on in May 2007, but she will forever be remembered.

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