Edmonton 2010

Beau, Jeordie, Melanie, and Leilah in Canada from 2010

Safka was a mid-90s female folk band comprised of Leilah and Jeordie, the daughters of folk legend Melanie. Based out of Colorado, the sisters released "Foreign Film" (CBT Records) in 1995 and toured worldwide as a supporting act for Dido, Jewel, Indigo Girls, and Sade, and received a highly positive review in Billboard magazine. The girls also performed at the famous Lilith Faire music festival.

Safka followed up with "About You" (KAM Records) in 1998 with younger brother Beau Jarred Schekeryk joining the band. Unfortunately, the group received less attention with the second album and the sisters moved in separate directions to pursue individual music careers.

Leilah & Jeordie originally released a single about 10 years prior to the formation of Safka with a song called "We Love You Grandma." The girls partnered again for CMT's Can You Duet? but they did not make it past the final qualifying round, which was just as well since the show never garnered much attention anyway.

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