Saturday Night's Main Event (SNME) was a beloved wrestling program created by the World Wrestling Federation for NBC.  The show debuted in May 1985 with great success amongst wrestling fans, and the show became an inconsistent series, often pre-empting "Saturday Night Live," until 1991.  It was a favorite program of most contemporary wrestling fans as it rarely featured squash matches, and each broadcast would feature at least two grudge matches and/or title matches.  Additionally, NBC aired a few special episodes on Friday night during prime time hours, entitled "The Main Event." The series moved to the FOX Broadcasting Network in 1992, but it only had two shows for the network.

World Wrestling Entertainment brought the show back in March 2006, but the broadcast did not garner respectable ratings.  Because Monday Night RAW and Friday Night Smackdown! feature two hours of original programming with grudge matches and title matches, SNME no longer offered a unique experience.  The most recent Saturday wrestling broadcasts on NBC did not even use the "SNME" name.

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