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Levy as Scotty Flamingo

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Vince interviews Scott Levy as Johnny Polo

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Levy as Raven in ECW

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Raven in WCW

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Raven during one of his 27 reigns as WWF Hardcore Champion

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Raven in TNA.

Raven -- (born September 8, 1964, as Scott Levy, in Short Hills, NJ) is a semi-retired professional wrestler best known as Raven from his time in Extreme Championship Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling, the World Wrestling Federation, Ring of Honor, and most recently, Total Nonstop Action. Prior to working as Raven in 1995, he was known to WCW fans as Scotty Flamingo and Scotty The Body and to WWF fans as Johnny Polo.

After graduating college, Levy entered the wrestling business in 1988 through Continental Wrestling Association in Memphis, TN, and then working for Roddy Piper's Pacific Northwest Wrestling (PNW), where he earned the nickname "Snotty the Body," after getting caught on-camera, picking his nose. However, Levy's first national exposure was through Global Wrestling Federation in Dallas, TX, as "Palm Beach Heart Throb" Scott Anthony. He also worked as a color commentator with Scott Hudson and Craig Johnson. As the light heavyweight competitors rose to prominence, WCW and the WWF hired the stars of GWF away, including The Lightning Kid and The Patriot. Meanwhile, WCW brought in GWF's Scott Anthony as Scotty Flamingo, where he won the WCW Light Heavyweight championship from Brian Pillman in June 1992. Shortly thereafter, Flamingo aligned with Diamond Dallas Page and Vinnie Vegas in the Diamond Exchange. He remained in WCW until February 1993.

His next move took him to the World Wrestling Federation, where he was a spoiled, rich preppy named Johnny Polo. Initially, he managed Adam Bomb, but then he took charge of The Quebecers when they won the WWF Tag Team Championship (during this time, Polo wore a Montreal Canadiens jersey since they had just upset the LA Kings, led by the ever-popular Wayne Gretzky in the Stanley Cup). At the same time, he worked more often behind the scenes as an associate producer of Monday Night Raw, as well as color commentator with Gorilla Monsoon on Coliseum Home Video releases. The more backstage work he did with the company, the more unhappy he was since he wanted to be in the ring as a wrestler. The WWF did not have a spot for him, so he left the company.

On January 7, 1995, Raven made his wrestling debut as a depressed, sociopathic, nihilistic misanthrope with a grunge-inspired wardrobe. The ever-stoic Raven delivered eloquent, philosophical promos which included many literary allusions and ended with the catchphrase, "Quoth the Raven, 'Nevermore'." His first feud was with Tommy Dreamer, which was one of the most heated feuds in ECW history, lasting over the course of several years and leading him to two reigns as ECW Champion. His next ECW feud was equally popular as Raven and The Sandman had a lot of real-life issues incorporated into their storyline. The storyline took a dramatic turn in October 1996 when he "crucified" Sandman outside the ring. Afterwards, Raven finished his long-lasting program with Tommy Dreamer, culminating in June 1997 when Dreamer won a "Loser Leaves ECW" match. Although you could take Raven out of ECW, you could never take the ECW out of Raven, and his in-ring career thereafter incorporated a lot of ECW elements, especially hardcore matches (often known as "Raven's Rules") and other means of excessive brutality.

On June 30, 1997, Raven returned to WCW, sitting in the front row at WCW Monday Nitro, on a night when an impact player was known to make his WCW debut. To this day, it is unclear whether Raven or Curt Hennig was the impact player, or if WCW tried to exceed expectations by delivering two impact players in one night. Although WCW had just started getting over-crowded when Raven arrived, he found his niche with The Flock, a faction of misfit wrestlers he led. Unfortunately, Raven never ranked high on WCW's list of priorities, and he toiled in mid-card obscurity for his time there while rehashing old feuds with Diamond Dallas Page and Sandman. Towards the end of his WCW career, he joined Dead Pool with Vampiro and The Insane Clown Posse before Eric Bischoff offered a release to anyone who didn't want to be there, and Levy took him up on the offer.

Raven returned to ECW for a short time before rejoining the WWF in mid-2000, his first appearance as Raven in the company. Unfortunately, the WWF was as overcrowded in 2000 as WCW was in 1997, so Raven again toiled in mid-card obscurity, winning the WWE Hardcore Championship a record-setting 27 times. Raven wrestled his last WWE match (a loss to Jeff Hardy) in January 2003, swearing off the company once & for all.

Finally, Raven found acceptance in the fledgling TNA, and he quickly became a headliner within the company, embattling TNA Champion Jeff Jarrett. Although he lost their early matches in 2003, he eventually fulfilled his destiny (i.e. won the TNA World championship) in June 2005. Since that time, Raven has worked off-and-on for TNA, but in keeping with his promise, he has never worked for WWE.

Outside the ring, Scott Levy rates as one of the best minds in the business, especially for his ability to explain the performance art of professional wrestling to fans & viewers. Both Psycho Andy and Ed The K Motley are huge fans of Raven the character, as well as Scott Levy himself, mainly for his extremely interesting shoot interviews that often explain the psychology of his matches.

In mid-2005, Total Nonstop Action released a profile DVD on Raven himself, entitled "Nevermore: The Best of Raven." It featured matches with Jeff Jarrett, Sandman, AJ Styles, Sabu, and others. The DVD described Raven as follows: Quote the Raven: "Nevermore." The famous Edgar Allen Poe quote has served as Raven's trademark for many years. Ironically, Raven's legacy in TNA wrestling may mirror that of the writer, as he spirals into madness in his quest to achieve his self-described 'destiny' to become NWA World Heavyweight champion. Much like Jim Morrison's personality transcended music, Raven's career has transcended wrestling, with a touch of pure evil! A few weeks after completing the DVD, Raven fulfilled his destiny by winning the NWA World championship.