Sean thinks he's number one, but doesn't realize the cat-shit hairstyle was never popular
Real Name Sean Matsuda
Birthplace Brazil
Eye color Black
Hair color Dark Brown
Fighting style Imitation of Ken's style
Debut Street Fighter III, 1997

Sean Matsuda is a tool who likes to follow Ken Masters around and pester him for training. Ken usually responds by telling Sean to go fight with Ryu. Despite trying his hardest, Sean always gets beat down by Ryu, proving himself to always be a jobber for the rest of his existence.

When the Third Strike tournament came around, Sean Matsuda was anxious to enter. He fought all the way to Gill, and ended up winning the whole tournament. Then he woke up, and realized that the entire tournament was a dream that happened after he got knocked out in the first round, like the jobber he is. He probably got beat by Servbot or something.

Sean gets incredibly hostile whenever he is compared to Dan Hibiki. Experts often attribute this to Sean being jealous that, even though Dan is completely worthless, he manages to make people forget about that by also being incredibly awesome. Since Sean doesn't have this trait, there is no point to his existence.

Sean's only use in life is to help players practice their parrying skills by throwing basketballs at them. His mother tells him that he's special, but even she knows deep down inside that isn't true.

On Edit

Sean was eliminated in Round 4 of the inaugural Heir to the Throne tournament by Marco Rossi. In round 1 he eliminated Onaga. In round 2 he eliminated K9999. In round 3 he eliminated Ibuki.

Sean defeating Onaga and K9999 wasn't too much of a surprise, because they're two of the few characters that suck more than Sean. However, Sean beating Ibuki in round 3 is probably one of the most surprising outcomes of the tournament. Luckily, Marco was there to remind Sean that he still sucks.

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