Shadowloo (sometimes spelled "Shadaloo," or "Shadowlaw" or "Shadalaw") is the mysterious organization run by M. Bison. It is portrayed to be involved in many illegal activities, including drug trafficking, terrorism, illegal genetics experimentation, and more.

Under Bison's orders, Shadowloo once abducted thirteen teenage girls from all over the world to turn into the perfect killing machines. Dubbed The Shadowloo Dolls, these girls became Bison's private guard. One girl, Agent Killer Bee, was so adept at what she did, she was genetically enhanced using Bison's own DNA to be his next host body.

American boxer, Balrog (SF) occasionally works as a thug-for-hire for Shadowloo.

Spanish bullfighter, Vega is one of Shadowloo's highest-ranking assassins.

Upon his defeat at the hands of Ryu in the first World Warrior tournament, Sagat agreed to work for Shadowloo, in exchange for a chance to get revenge against Ryu].

Shadowloo funded the second World Warrior tournament.

They are the parent company for SIN, the Shadowloo Intimidation Network.

In the live-action Street Fighter movie, Shadowloo is a proper nation in Southeast Asia, of which M. Bison is dictator.