The Shadowloo Dolls are the thirteen teenage girls abducted from all over the world by Shadowloo to be turned into the perfect soldiers, in Capcom's Street Fighter Alpha series. They are:

- Enero (from Spain)
- Fevrier (from France)
- Marz (from Germany)
- Aprile (from Italy)
- Satsuki (from Japan)
- Juni (from Germany)
- Juli (from Germany)
- Santum (from Vietnam)
- Xiayu (from China)
- Yanyu (from China)
- Noembelu (from USA)
- Decapre (from Russia)
- Agent Killer Bee/Cammy White (from England)

In official Canon

The 12 Shadowloo Dolls who aren't Cammy are each named after a month of the year in their country's respective native language.

Only Cammy, Juli and Juni are playable characters.

In T. Hawk's ending in Street Fighter Alpha 3, he is seen looking for Juli. This is an error. Thunder Hawk should be looking for Noembelu, as she is also from his Thunderfoot tribe.


The Shadowloo Dolls are parodied as the Bovein Sisters in the PsychoAndyverse webcomic, Hawk & Croc, where their father, Mike Bovein is a parody of M. Bison.