As WWF Champion in 1996

Sid Vicious -- (born July 4, 1960, as Sid Eudy, in West Memphis, Arkansas) is a semi-retired pro wrestler who worked for World Championship Wrestling, Extreme Championship Wrestling, and the World Wrestling Federation as Sid Justice and Psycho Sid (or Sycho Sid), and he was well known for his short temper and abrupt departures early in his career.

While in NWA-WCW, Sid Vicious was part of the Sky Scrapers tag team with Danny Spivey, and they feuded with the Road Warriors and Steiner Brothers but, after Sid got injured, Mean Mark Callous replaced him in the team. Upon his return, Sid Vicious joined the Four Horsemen and at the 1990 Halloween Havoc, he challenged Sting for the NWA World championship but Sting prevailed.

Shortly thereafter, Sid Justice entered the World Wrestling Federation where he was instantly placed into the main event of SummerSlam '91 as referee for The Match Made in Hell. Sid entered a feud with Jake The Snake Roberts but he was injured and Randy Savage finished the program. Sid returned at the 1992 Royal Rumble where he was the last man in the ring with Ric Flair before Flair and Hulk Hogan eliminated him. The incident led to the main event of WrestleMania VIII where Hogan wrestled his last match (at least, until WrestleMania IX) and Sid started a program with The Ultimate Warrior but Sid flipped out on the road and abruptly left the WWF.

Sid resurfaced in WCW as Sid Vicious where he feuded with Sting and Davey Boy Smith alongside Big Van Vader. Sid's second stint in WCW came to an abrupt end when he and Arn Anderson got into a fight with scissors in 1993 during a rare WCW European tour.

In February 1995, Sid returned to the WWF as a bodyguard for Shawn Michaels leading to the WrestleMania main event with Diesel. Sid became the cornerstone of the Million Dollar Corporation where he challenged Diesel for the WWF World title and Shawn Michaels for the WWF Intercontinental title before an injury halted his stint with the 1-2-3 Kid as a tag team. Sid made a timely return in July 1996 to team with Shawn Michaels and Ahmed Johnson after Warrior departed the company. Sid earned a title shot at the 1996 Survivor Series where he beat Shawn Michaels in Madison Square Garden to win his first World title.

His reign lasted until the 1997 Royal Rumble when Shawn regained the title, but Sid beat Bret Hart for his second World title a few weeks later. Undertaker defeated Sid a few weeks later at WrestleMania the 13th. Sid was used sparingly after WrestleMania before leaving the company around June 1997.

Sid's next mainstream appearance was for ECW in January 1999, where he competed for a few months (which was several weeks longer than most analysts expected).

Sid returned to WCW for the last time in June 1999, where he teamed with Randy Savage and challenged Kevin Nash for the WCW World title. Sid worked programs with Bill Goldberg and Chris Benoit over the WCW United States title. Eventually, Sid Vicious won his third World title (his first in WCW) by defeating Kevin Nash in January 2000. After Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo formed a booking team in April 2000, Sid was stripped of the championship and he was kept off WCW-TV until the end of the year when he returned to challenge Scott Steiner at the final Starrcade.

On January 14, 2001, WCW had a match amongst Steiner, Sid, Jeff Jarrett, and Animal during which Sid jumped off the ropes to deliver an RVD-style sidekick, but upon landing, his leg snapped in half (footage available online). The injury appeared to be career-ending, but amazingly, Sid returned to the ring a couple years later. Unfortunately, the WWF had already purchased WCW so Sid has not returned to national television since (although, he did work World Wrestling Allstars in Australia, which aired programs in the United States).

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