Soundtracks Jacket

Soundtracks cover with liner notes

"Soundtracks" was the fourth album written, recorded, and released by Kyle Sonnenberg as a solo artist.  The album was released in March 2008, shortly after the Caterwauls had quietly disbanded.  According to the liner notes, "the record was made in (Kyle's) home in a very small room with one microphone, a borrowed bass guitar, and (Kyle's) electric and acoustic guitars.  All instruments were played by (Kyle Sonnenberg)."

Track Listing
1. Get Down Be Loud
2. Madness
3. Funny Faced Man
4. Cases of Your Fate
5. Radio
6. Today
7. Blind Man
8. King
9. Room With a View
10. They Don't
11. Whole
12. Fine Line
13. Birds of a Feather
14. No Way
15. Good Love
16. Better
17. Gentle

The album was titled "Soundtracks" because the music travels through many genres as movie soundtracks often do.  "Although the music hits many genres," the liner notes explain, "one theme remains constant throughout: There is hope in this world and human beings can do amazing things."  The working title for the album was "Soundtrack of My Mind," allegedly inspired by a blog Edward Motley had written about the Caterwauls called "Soundtrack of My Life."

Like the previous three albums from Kyle Sonnenberg, this release was a DIY album but (unlike the prior albums) this one was released with a jewel case, an official cover, and a printed jacket with liner notes and lyrics inside. This was Kyle's first CD to include lyrics since the Popular Discontent album.

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