The best part about this game is that it references other Capcom games: Vulgus, Section Z, Avengers, Trojan, and Commando


Pick a stage, any stage!


Ryu vs. Mike! Tonight, live, only on Pay-Per-View!


Everybody says this when you kick their ass.

Street Fighter I is a piss-poor video game developed by Capcom and released in 1987. This game would be completely forgotten, if not for its sequel, Street Fighter II.

In 1988, it was released on the Turbo Grafx-CD under the name Fighting Street, because there had to be a home version, but the same is so bad, Capcom knew it wouldn't sell with the proper title.

Player One is always Ryu. Player Two is always Ken Masters, but only in a two-player game.

After inserting your quarters and pressing start, players wi'll be given a choice of which country to fight in. In each country, there are two opponents:

For each country finished, you'll take on an impossibly-difficult bonus game that will just get you extra points. Points are totally worthless, except to try and get the top score.

After defeating all 8 opponents, you will be flown to Thailand, where you will face Adon and, finally, Sagat.

The original arcade version had two attack pads - One for punches and one for kicks. The harder players hit each pad, the stronger the attack would come out. This resulted in many broken arcade machines, and a second iteration of the game was released that had six buttons, one representing each of the six possible attacks: Three punches (Jab, Strong, and Fierce) and three kicks (Short, Forward, and Roundhouse). This layout became standard for Capcom fighters for over 10 years.

The Hadoken, Shoryuken, and Tatsumakisenpukyaku are all in the game, but are nearly impossible to perform. Interestingly, the Shoryuken can KO an opponent in less than a second, if all 3 hits connect while the timer still says 99.

This game sucks. Don't play it unless you hate yourself. Or you're REALLY fucking bored.

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