SummerSlam is arguably the second most important pay-per-view event in WWE (second only to WrestleMania), although a strong case could be made for the Royal Rumble. Since August 1988, it has been the annual summer extravaganza. Unlike WrestleMania and Royal Rumble, the inaugural SummerSlam event started on pay-per-view.

Below is the complete list of each year's event with the headlining match listed:

WWE released SummerSlam Anthology on DVD in 2008.

Three of the first four events featured a tag team match in the main event. In 1990, the event was billed as a double main event with Warrior/Rude and Hogan/Earthquake. Since then, SummerSlam has featured at least two marquee matches more often than not.

Wembley Stadium in England hosted the 1992 event, featuring Bret/Bulldog, Savage/Warrior, and Undertaker/Kamala. Unfortunately, the buyrates were way lower than expected and the WWF has not held a major pay-per-view overseas since then.

In an amazing streak, Undertaker appeared at every SummerSlam event between 1992 and 2005. While much ado is given to The Streak at WrestleMania, Kay always found the SummerSlam streak more impressive since it was not something WWE could control and if he were injured, then he would miss an event. Unfortunately, he missed 2006 (not by injury, but because of a subpar feud with The Great Khali).

In 2002, Shawn Michaels returned from a four-year absence for what may have been his last match. However, the match with HHH went so well that he picked up a few more matches and, after those went well, he resumed his in-ring career altogether and wrestled for almost eight more years.

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