Suns Spurs

The Suns rise above the Spurs

The Suns-Spurs Rivalry is one of the most intense rivalries in pro sports today. It is between the Phoenix Suns and the San Antonio Spurs. It started back in the early 1990s and continued into the next decade. The rivalry also weighed heavily in Jerry Colangelo's (former-CEO of the Suns) decision to overlook Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich to select a coach for the USA Basketball team in the 2008 Olympics.

Since 1990, the Suns have faced the Spurs in the NBA Play-Off's in 10 separate years:

  • 1992- Suns (3-0)
  • 1993- Suns in 6
  • 1996- Spurs (3-1)
  • 1998- Spurs (3-1)
  • 2000- Suns (3-1)
  • 2003- Spurs in 6
  • 2005- Spurs in 5
  • 2007- Spurs in 6
  • 2008- Spurs in 5
  • 2010- Suns in 4

As it stands now, the Spurs have won 60% of the series but only 55% of the playoff games; plus the Suns won the most recent series, so they currently have bragging rights.

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