Superfunk Allstars

SFA's self-titled album cover

Superfunk Allstars is the self-titled album from the Superfunk Allstars, officially released on April 23, 2010. It was the first CD released by the band after their formation in mid-2009. The band hosted a CD Release Party that evening at Hollywood Alley. The CD is available for purchase on CD Baby and at all SFA performances. All songs were written by Kyle Sonnenberg.

Track listing:
1. Mind
2. Blow Up Your World
3. Everybody Dance
4. Easy E
5. Get Down, Be Loud
6. Grocery Store
7. Cat
8. Colors
9. Last Time
10. Supervised
11. Madness
12. People Running

Four of the songs were previously released, but the tracks on this CD were recorded by the band members, usually with noticeable changes from their prior arrangements.

Kay was hoping the name of the album would be Riding in Motorbikes & Wearing Tattoos after a flippant description of the band Kyle made during an October 2009 performance at Sail Inn.

On May 16, 2010, Kyle and Danny appeared on 1480AM KPHX Progressive Talk Radio for the Dave Darin Show to promote the album, featuring "Mind" (which Kyle explained the meaning as "dumb people get annoying"), "Everybody Dance," "Get Down, Be Loud" (which Kyle said, "we played this song together, and realized we should probably be a band"), and "Everybody Dance" again.

Additionally, the band discussed other topics such as that Kyle Sonnenberg has 17 children, possibly a few with the co-host whom he had just met a couple month ago, that Kyle had been on the radio in his hometown in Canada with 20 listeners, which is amazing since (according to Kyle) most of the residents didn't have electricity, Kyle's accent included "eh" but never "aboot" (although Dave pointed it out later), that Danny Saba was born & raised in Tempe, and then Dave Darin compared their songs to The Verve, and SFA noted that their future gigs would include Hollywood Alley, Sail Inn, Martini Ranch, and First Friday appearances.

There were three callers, including caller Janelle who had listened to Dave Darin's show last week and she won a giveaway, caller Ryan called in to find out whether there were pictures of Kyle in his disco attire online, as well as find out whether the band was interested in adding a fourth member on triangle, and caller Kay got a free CD for answering which was tastier: "Tempe water or a stool." The answer was Tempe water.

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