Susan's Apron is a pretty, pink apron. susan often wears it when she is baking delicious cakes or cookies or whatever the hell recipe she's trying this week.

One night, in a state of sleep-deprived stupor, Psycho Andy walked past the apron and told it that it was very pretty. Susan responded, in an apron-voice, "Thanks, Andy! You're pretty, too!" Andy then proceeded to walk upstairs, turned to his roommates, and exclaimed, "The Apron thinks I'm pretty."

Moments later, Andy, now upstairs, but still in his sleep-deprived stupor, heard what sounded like Wolverine's claws sharpening themselves on each other, and proclaimed, "Oh no! Wolverine is gonna get me!"

"Don't worry, Andy! I'll protect you!" said Susan, in her regular voice.

"Thanks, Apron!" Andy responded.