Art by Psycho Andy
Birthplace New York
Height 6'5"
Weight 270 lbs.
Eye color Blue
Hair color Light Brown
Allies Titanium Eagle, Biff J. Rockenheimen
Rivals Commissioner Chris, Soldier

TGO (short for The Greatest One) is a professional wrestler working for the ASW in the PsychoAndyverse. He is incredibly patriotic, which has divided the audience: some agree with his patriotism, while others feel that his seemingly blind love for his homeland is foolhardy at best. He is the current ASW American Champion.

Debuting in ASW as "Badd Dogg," TGO spent several years as a tag team with Soldier. After an attack that put Soldier on the shelf for several months, and seemingly left Badd Dogg too injured to return, Soldier made a return as a singles wrestler. After another brutal attack from his adversaries, Soldier was put on the sidelines, again. After his enemies' most recent Tag Team Championship victory, Soldier made a surprise return at the top of the ramp, and exclaimed that he was "back... with a Vengeance." From behind the curtain came Badd Dogg, sporting a new look and new trunks, now known as "Vengeance."

Vengeance and Soldier regained the ASW Tag Team Championships, until an internal rivalry split the two apart. They relinquished the titles so they could face each other, one-on-one at Season's Beatings 2005 in a no-holds-barred, no-disqualification, hardcore street fight. Vengeance was the victor, and Soldier has not been seen, since.

After this, Vengeance began declaring that he was the greatest wrestler ASW has ever witnessed, and began referring to himself as "The Greatest One." After winning his first ASW World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleFestival III, the moniker "Vengeance" disappeared altogether, and "The Greatest One" was shortened to just "TGO." Since that time, TGO has been one of the top stars in ASW, winning the ASW Championship three times, and capturing the ASW American Championship on numerous occasions. He's even managed to win the ASW Tag Team Championship with two new partners - First, with Titanium Eagle, and later with Biff J. Rockenheimen. While the three men remain tentative allies, TGO will always march to his own beat.

In WrestlingEdit

Entrance theme(s):

  • "Assassins" - Insane Clown Posse
  • "Let's Go All The Way" - Insane Clown Posse

Trademark Moves:

  • Death Valley Driver
  • Chokeslam

Finishing maneuvers as Biff:

  • The Retribution (Cradle Overhead DDT)
  • Frogton Bomb (modified flipping Senton Splash)

Championships & Accomplishments:Edit


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