From L to R: jmdbcool, susan, Dan Zunk, Jenn Russell, Wesley, and Psycho Andy's head. All with sweet Terminator eyes!

The Casa is the current living space of jmdbcool, susan, and Wesley. Before he left for college in Boston, Dan Zunk was made an honorary roommate.

Psycho Andy was a Casa-mate from August 2008-February 2010, before moving into Bob's House.

The Casa is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and it has a sweet white board, as well as many Soul Calibur II posters.

Classic Moments at The CasaEdit
  • Once upon a time, Psycho Andy and Dan Zunk were discussing Batman and Scarecrow, theorizing that if there were a Scarecrow: Year One, then he would not be very good at scaring people yet, so his tactics would be limited to jumping out from behind trees and startling his prey. As they re-enacted how this might have been performed, Susan had the presence of wit to react as though she were truly startled, complete with running into the other room to safety.
  • On numerous occasions, the Casa housemates would constantly discuss things that were true part of the time, but not necessarily all of the time. In essence, it was always similar to how every square is a rectangle, but not all rectangles are squares, which was a consistent comparison made in the conversations. In fact, the comparison was so common, that the explanation became shortened to "it's a Square-Rectangle Thing," which was universally understood.
  • In August 2009, Dan Zunk was talking about the year 2001 with Psycho Andy and Edward Motley at 3AM or so after an all-night party. In explaining his relationship with the year 2001, he stated, "you have to understand, though, 2001 was eight years ago for me." Not surprisingly, Andy and Kay understood perfectly because, at that point, 2001 was also 8 years ago for them.