The Maxx
The Maxx beating up some Isz in the Outback
The Maxx
Real Name Brer Lapin
Birthplace Julie's Outback
Height Incalculable; always hunched
Weight Hulking
Eye color White
Hair color None?
Allies Julie Winters/Jungle Queen, Sara, Sara's Maxx
Rivals Mr. Gone, Isz
Debut Darker Image no. 1,
English voice actor(s) Michael Haley (MTV Animated Series)

The Maxx was a comic book and animated series, created by Sam Kieth. The titular character's debut was in Darker Image #1, January, 1993, in an 8-page preview story, intended to advertise what the comic would be like.

The Maxx is amongst the favorite comics of Psycho Andy, Emily Roeder, and Wesley.

Comic SeriesEdit

The comics were originally published monthly by Image Comics. Currently, DC Comics' Wildstorm subsidiary publishes the trade paperback collections. The comic series began in March, 1993, and was published monthly for 35 issues.

There was also a three-issue spin-off series entitled "Friends of Maxx," which expands the world of The Maxx by giving back history on some of the tertiary characters in the main series.

Wizard Magazine produced The Maxx 1/2, a special mail-away issue that arrived with a Certificate of Authenticity.

In addition, there is a Gen 13/Maxx cross-over issue.

Animated SeriesEdit

The Animated Series initially ran on MTV from April through June of 1995, as a part of MTV's "Oddities" block, along with shows such as Aeon Flux and The Head. Thirteen 11-minute episodes were produced, often broadcast two at a time, to take up a full half-hour block.

The cartoons covered the material printed in The Maxx issues 1 through 11, plus The Maxx 1/2 special, and the material from The Maxx's debut in Darker Image #1.

The animation in the series is unique amongst cartoons; In most scenes, it is fully animated; However, the characters will go from being highly detailed to very cartoony, depending on the tone of the scene in question. Occasionally, panels from The Maxx comic were used, with a zoom or panning effect to give a sense of motion. CGI 3D animation or silhouetted live-action sequences were occasionally used to great effect, as well.

In June of 2009, MTV put the entire series up to view on their website.

Maxx no1

The cover to The Maxx no.1, 1993. Art by Sam Kieth.

The MaxxEdit

The Maxx is a homeless bum who lives in alleyways, often inside a cardboard box. He remembers nothing of his life before he was hit by a car, and taken in by freelance social worker Julie Winters.

The Maxx is also the hero and protector of his Jungle Queen (who greatly resembles Julie) in the land known as The Outback. While in The Outback, Maxx wears a headdress resembling those worn by Native tribes.

Outback eyes

The Jungle Queen watches over The Outback. Art by Sam Kieth.

The OutbackEdit

Technically called Pangaea, The Outback is a land that resembles Australia's wildlands. It is filled with wide-open plains, bizarre, Dr. Seuss-esque trees, and is surrounded by distant mountains. The Jungle Queen stands atop a rock structure, overlooking all of Pangaea.

Quoth The Maxx: "There are many interesting species of predator and prey in the Outback; One of these is the Outback Slug. It can leap nearly a quarter-mile straight in the air. But, it has never mastered the ability to land. It has no predators; it is just stupid. On the other hand, the Great Northern Crabbit can both jump AND land. But it has a natural enemy: The Isz. The Isz can jump and land AND has no predators. Unless, of course, you count ME!" In addition to the aforementioned, there are Air Whales (which relate to blimps in the real word), and.... (add more Outback creatures here) The Outback also contains many unnamed creatures that resemble bizarre, twisted versions of real-life jungle animals.

Julie does not believe the Outback exists. She feels that because The Maxx is a purple homeless guy, he "reduces his social worker into a bikini-clad bimbo who needs his protection." She pities the Maxx's situation, and does not blame him for his situation. Besides, at least he's a hero in his dream world.


Julie Winters. Art by Sam Kieth.

Julie Winters/Jungle QueenEdit

At the age of 20, Julia Winters was beaten and raped. Subsequently, she dropped out of college and opened up her own freelance social working office, using her tuition money to begin the business. Julie bails people she thinks she can reform out of prison; usually the homeless or the disillusioned who haven't actually done anything wrong. The Maxx is one of her most frequent bail outs.

Julie hates people who whine and blame others for their problems in life, thinking they need to take responsibility for themselves. She feels that most women are weak and are professional victims.

In The Outback, The Maxx envisions Julie as the Jungle Queen. There, she is stoic, stand-offish, and distant. But The Maxx must protect his Leopard Queen!

Maxx sara

Art by Sam Kieth


Fat. Ugly. Gnarly hair. Huge glasses. These are the things that angsty teenager Sarah sees when she looks at herself. Her whole live is a tremendous struggle, and she is not in control of anything. But she wants to be a writer, and writers have to be outside observers. So Sara is content with keeping her distance from others.

Sara's father abandoned his family when Sarah was still a young child. She knows that he went on to become a murderer, but at the beginning of the series, she does not know what happened to him. After her husband's abandonment, Sara's mom reverted back to being a tree-hugging hippy. Sarah feels that, in most cases, she is more adult than her mother.

Sarah's mom doesn't know how to deal with her daughter's angst, and sends Sara to see her friend, freelance social worker Julie Winters. Sarah doesn't understand why her mom and "Miss Julie" are friends, if all they ever do when they communicate with each other is argue and complain about each other's choice of lifestyles.

Long story short; Sara has a lot of growing up and maturing to do. But, like all teenagers, she thinks she has everything all figured out. Even though she's not in control.