Emergency Front

Caterwauls Live CD cover

"This Is Not An Emergency" is an unofficial live album by the Caterwauls that Ed The K Motley put together in 2012 from recordings in his video collection.  It was recorded in 2005 and 2006, but compiled and produced in 2012 through Audacity.  All songs and lyrics were written by Kyle Sonnenberg.

Track listing:
1. Emergency
2. Happy
3. Sweet Honey
4. Claustrophobic/Punk Song
5. Someday
6. Stonehead Guru
7. Song In Progress
8. Interplanetary Picture Show
9. Blissful Kisses
10. Judgment Day
11. Setting Son

The album was started in February 2012 when Kay learned how to extract one song from a larger video file and create a .MP3 file for it. The album was not completed until late-September (the project was shelved for a number of months), and a copy was given to Kyle on his birthday during a gig that year.

Many of the songs included were not recorded for any other album (including Kyle's other projects), but they were favorites of Kay that he wanted to have on a CD, so he set out making a live CD on their behalf (five years after the group disbanded). The cover design was an idea Kay had in 2004 during one of the performances of "Emergency" that the Caterwauls never used.

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