Undated photo of baby Tiger and little Eddie

Tiger was the first orange male tabby cat that Edward Motley got for free.  Way back in 1985 or so, Eddie's (as he was known back then) friend Jed called him up one day to offer him a kitten.  Presuming the answer would be a quick "no," Eddie asked his mom for permission and she surprisingly opened it up to discussion, so the family unexpectedly got its first (and only) pet.

Initially Tiger was named "Red" (after the Fraggle Rock character) but Jed informed Kay that the cat's name was already "Tiger," so it was changed back.  Legally, the cat's middle name was "Red" but it was rarely used.

Unlike most neighborhood cats that only survived a couple years, Tiger lived the outdoor cat lifestyle in Ada, Oklahoma, for more than 12 years.  He was an excellent hunter, nabbing countless birds and even terrorizing a nest of baby bunnies (it's amazing he survived the neighborhood's wrath after that incident).

Known for his extremely long fur, gorgeous eyes, and large size, Tiger was a neighborhood icon due to his friendly, loving nature.  He had at least three houses feeding him, even though he resided strictly at Kay's house.  He came in third place for "Best Eyes" in Ada's only cat show during his lifetime (for which he made an appearance on the local news).

Eventually, Kay's mom moved into another house, where Tiger lived out the rest of his days.  Sadly, he passed on in July 1997, three weeks before Kay moved to Arizona (thereby settling a slow-brewing argument of whether Tiger would be moving out of state).  About 2.5 years later, Kay got Needles (then his sister got Homer the following month, his mother got Gigi a few months later).

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