Ubermensch color
Art by Psycho Andy
Real Name Linde Tillmann
Birthplace Berlin, Germany
Height 6'4"
Weight 265 lbs.
Eye color Brown
Hair color Dark Brown
Rivals Rock Hard Steve Johnson, Biff J. Rockenheimen

Übermensch is a professional wrestler working for the ASW in the PsychoAndyverse. He is usually known for being a heel, and is a 3-time ASW World Heavyweight Champion.

Young Linde Tillmann won several championships in his native Germany, and decided to seek out more competition, elsewhere. He traveled to the United States hearing of a new promotion that was just getting started. Tillmann decided that he was going to dominate this company, and be the best World Heavyweight Champion that ASW has ever seen.

Unfortunately, in the finals to determine the inaugural champion, Rock Hard Steve Johnson defeated Tillmann. This upset Tillmann, and he turned heel, adopting the nickname "Übermensch." For a while, he was called "Übermensch Linde Tillman," before dropping his birth name altogether.

In WrestlingEdit

Entrance theme(s):

  • "Feuer Frei" - Rammstein (2004 - As a face)
  • "First Time" - Finger Eleven (2004-current - Since turning heel)

Trademark Moves:

  • German Suplex
  • Running Knee Lift
  • One-handed chokeslam

Finishing maneuvers:

  • Jäger Bomb (Kneeling Powerbomb Pin)

Championships & Accomplishments:Edit


  • Ubermensch's name translates into English as "Superman." His mullet and tights are loosely based on the DC Comics hero.
  • His real name, "Linde Tillmann" is inspired by Rammstein frontman, Till Lindemann.

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