Un Happyheart
Un Happyheart
Real Name Un Happyheart
Height 6'1"
Weight 185 lbs.
Eye color Hidden by sunglasses
Hair color Dark blue
Allies Captain Happyheart, Don Combo, Azul Combo, Robodile
Rivals CATS, Giant Enemy Crab
Debut FLAW season 1

Un Happyheart is Captain Happyheart's twin brother, and one half of the Happyheart Bros. tag team in FLAW. His personality is the polar opposite of his brother: instead of being childlike and enthusiastic about everything, Un Happyheart is pessimistic and depressed about everything.

Despite being physically identical to his brother, Un Happyheart loses almost every match he's in, due to his extreme lack of confidence and motivation. The only match he's won in FLAW was against Doriaan McHawk, in season 3. Winning did nothing to improve his mood or his desire to wrestle.

Initially, Un Happyheart was known as Captain Unhappyheart, and he introduced himself as being a clone of Captain Happyheart. Some time after FLAW season 2, but before season 3, it was discovered that the clone story was incorrect; the two are really identical twin brothers. It is generally believed that CATS tricked Un Happyheart into believing he was a clone in order to gain his assistance.

FLAW Info Edit

Trademark wrestling moves Edit

  • Un Happier (Killswitch)
  • The Downer (fist drop)
  • Worst Moonsault Ever (jumps backwards off turnbuckle, lands back-first on opponent)

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