Vincent J. McMahon -- (born July 6, 1915, in Harlem, NY) was the founder of the WWWF through Capitol Wrestling promotions in Washington, DC, which eventually invaded the Empire State and took control of Madison Square Garden from the legendary Toots Mondt. He is also the father of Vince McMahon and grandfather of Shane and Stephanie (naturally). Vince Sr. grew up the son of a promoter, and his father Jess McMahon was a successful wrestling promoter who had close ties with Tex Rickard.

In the early 1930s, the McMahon family first entered the wrestling business, somewhat reluctantly and mostly fueled by the wavering profits from boxing events. Vince Sr. (then age 20) started booking events in Hempstead, Long Island, in 1935, but the draft forced him to relocate to Wilmington, North Carolina, where he met his first wife (Vince's mom) Vicki and they had two children (Vince Jr. and Rod). After their divorce, Vince Sr. relocated to Washington, DC, in early 1953, where he started the Capitol Wrestling banner. His father Jess McMahon passed away in November 1954, just before Vince Sr. had a meteoric rise in the business, mostly through his advanced understanding of the television medium by getting his wrestlers on TV programs airing in other territories, such as New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

Vince McMahon Sr. enjoyed several decades of success in the business before selling Capitol Wrestling with Gorilla Monsoon and Arnold Skaaland to his son Vince Jr. in a high-risk proposition where if Vince missed any monthly payment, he would lose control and Monsoon would control of the WWF. The younger McMahon succeeded and he took the helm of the WWF right as the cable television medium was in its early stages of national expansion.

Like father, like son, Vince Jr.'s advanced understanding of the new medium allowed him to tailor the WWF's business model to leverage the new advancements and he had a meteoric rise in the business. Unfortunately, like father, like son, and Vince Sr. passed away on May 27, 1984, just before his son ushered in a brand new paradigm of success in the professional wrestling business.

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