Western Alliance Entertainment (WAE) was a sports entertainment promotion operating in Phoenix, Arizona, through its funnoying owner George Dalton. Of their positive contributions to the Arizona wrestling scene, they paid performers well and they financed the REDRUM character. Additionally, they entertained wrestlers and fans alike with unlimited lore. One popular story included Scott Norton asking Dalton who should go over on the first card, and he replied with confusion, allegedly unaware that pro wrestling was more performance art than athletic competition. Their website was another source of awfulsome amusement as Dalton himself apparently wrote the hype for his shows without an editor; thus hyping matches like the first ever "real" $1,000 battle royal, in which anyone who signed up could compete and the winner would get $1,000. But, the website warned: the match was "real." Usually, the front page was one paragraph cluttered with grammatical errors.

The first WAE event was at Celebrity Theater, an extremely popular venue for comedy, MMA, and musical events in Phoenix, including Weird Al Yankovic and ECW. Unfortunately, they only sold a handful of tickets so they moved their next couple shows to a smaller venue (but still larger than necessary) in Mesa. The shows eventually became Pirana Promotions and Western Alliance Entertainment started producing musical act(s) like Dalton & Rich.

According to its MySpace page (verbatim, mind you), "WAE Moves Its Offices to NYC, Thats right the Big Apple!And now we Have George Dalton on staff.George Dalton has more than 30 years writing and performing, and now for the first time is going public. George has studied at the NYC School of Performing Arts and was trained by three-time Grammy Award winner Paul Higgins and two-time Grammy Award winner John Rollo. George also built and managed London Underground Studios which hailed 12 gold lp's, 17 platinum lp's, 2 Grammy's and 4 Golden Ampex awards. This is where George learned the most, working under John Rollo."

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