The WCW "Hardcore" Championship. Bwahahahaha!

The WCW Hardcore Championship was WCW's attempt to capitalize on the success of the WWE Hardcore Championship, and, to a lesser extent, the fanbase of ECW.

The title was introduced in 1999, nearly a year to the day after the WWF's Hardcore title was introduced. Norman Smiley, a joke wrestler, was their first champion. The title was held by such 'greats' as Brian Knobbs, Big Vito, Reno, Crowbar, and 3 Count.

When Lance Storm held the championship, he re-named it, as he had a habit of doing with the WCW championships he held. Storm began referring to the title as the Saskatchewan Hardcore International Title, which had the acronym S.H.I.T., which is certainly how a lot of people in the wrestling industry (workers and fans alike) felt about the title.

Tonga Fifita, under the ring name Meng, won the title on January 14, 2001 at the WCW Pay-Per-View, SIN. However, Meng was not under contract to WCW at the time, and was working on a paid-by-appearance basis. Just seven days later, Fifita appeared under his previous gimmick, Haku, at the WWF Pay-Per-View Royal Rumble, never having lost the WCW Hardcore Champion. Oops! WCW quickly retired the championship.

Rumor has it that Fifita has since given the physical belt to his friend, Sione Vailahi, better known as The Barbarian.

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