The WCW World Television Championship Belt

The 'World Championship Wrestling (WCW) World Television Championship was a professional wrestling championship in WCW that could only be defended on televised events. Match time limits were usually between 10- and 15-minute time limits

The title was created in 1974 by Mid-Atlantic Wrestling as a secondary title. It was known as the Mid-Atlantic TV Championship and then simply the NWA TV Championship a few years later. As Mid-Atlantic (later known as Jim Crockett Promotions) grew, the Title became known as the NWA World TV Championship. And upon what was then WCW's withdrawal from the NWA, the title became known as the WCW World TV Championship.

When Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff rebooted WCW on April 10, 2000, they retired the Television Championship. The last champion was Hacksaw Jim Duggan, who found the belt in a trash dumpster on February 16, 2000, two months after Scott Hall had abandoned the title in favor of his newly-won United States Championship by throwing it in the trash.

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