After the World Wrestling Federation established its global dominance and popularized the pay-per-view method of delivering programming, Jim Crockett Productions and later World Championship Wrestling were forced into the market to remain competitive. Although WCW was at times inconsistent in their scheduling, they were the first to adopt the one-per-month format at the outset of the Monday Night Wars.

The following is the complete list of WCW pay-per-view events with the month(s) and year(s) the names were used:

  • Starrcade (December 1987-December 2000)
  • Bunkhouse Stampede (January 1988)
  • Great American Bash (July 1988-July 1992; June 1995-June 2000)
  • Chi-Town Rumble (February 1989)
  • Music City Showdown (May 1989)
  • Halloween Havoc (October 1989-October 2000)
  • Wresler War (February 1990, February 1991, May 1992)
  • Capital Combat (May 1990)
  • SuperBrawl (May 1991, February 1992-February 2001)
  • Beach Blast (June 1992, July 1993)
  • Slamboree (May 1993-May 1999)
  • Spring Stampede (April 1994; April 1997-April 2000)
  • Bash at the Beach (July 1994-July 2000)
  • Fall Brawl (September 1994-September 2000)
  • Uncensored (March 1995-March 2000)
  • World War III (November 1995-November 1998)
  • Hog Wild / Road Wild (August 1996-August 1999)
  • Souled Out (January 1997-January 2000)
  • Mayhem (November 1999-November 2000)
  • New Blood Rising (August 2000)
  • Sin (January 2001)
  • Greed (March 2001)

The only calendar year in which WCW did not introduce a new pay-per-view title was 1998. The last month in which WCW did not have a pay-per-view event was April 1996.

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