WMAC Masters was a show developed by 4Kids Entertainment that ran in syndication in 1996, and re-aired in 2003. It combined the martial arts action popular in the early 1990s thanks to such pop culture phenomena as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers and Mortal Kombat with the pre-determined storylines and outcomes of Pro wrestling. The show was hosted by Shannon Lee, daughter of Martial Arts legend, Bruce Lee.

Dragon Belts & Ki SymbolsEdit

Each of the competitors in the World Martial Arts Council (called "Masters") had a Dragon Belt. Upon defeating another master in a Battle Dome match, they would gain their Ki Symbol. Upon filling a Dragon Belt (by obtaining 10 Ki Symbols), a Master would be able to challenge for the Dragon Star. The Master who held the Dragon Star was considered the WMAC Champion. After holding or failing to win the Dragon Star, a Master would begin their "2nd Degree Dragon Belt".

Each WMAC Master's Ki-Symbol is the reflection of the soul of the martial artist. For example, Herb Perez's Ki-Symbol is Olympus because he won the gold medal in Tae Kwon Do at the 1992 Summer Olympics.

Dragon StarEdit

The Dragon Star is the symbol of the greatest martial artist in the world. Each point of the Dragon Star represents a virtue displayed by "true" martial artists. The 8 Points are: Discipline, Courage, Forgiveness, Compassion, Honor, Wisdom, Loyalty and Respect.

At the end of season two, the evil organization Jukido steals the Dragon Star. Unfortunately, since the series was not renewed for a third season, the status of the Dragon Star was never resolved.

List of Dragon Star ChampionsEdit


  • Turbo
  • Olympus
  • Superstar
  • The Machine
  • Red Dragon


  • Tarantula
  • Lady Lightning
  • Black Widow
  • Chameleon (if that is, the Dragon Star were to ever be found after being stolen)


Introduced in Season 2, the organization of Jukido was created to destroy the WMAC. Tracy "Tracer" Swedom was the first known infiltrant in the WMAC, and he later recruited Mike "Wizard" Chaturantabut. It was known that there was a third member of Jukido in the WMAC, and it was suspected to be Wizard's half-brother, Larry "Warlock" Lam. However, in the final episode, it was revealed that Hien "Tsunami" Ngyuen had stolen the Dragon Star, and brought it to his fellow Jukido members.

Season 1 MastersEdit

The following masters debuted in season 1; Unless noted, also appeared in Season 2:

Master Name Ki Symbol Discipline Trademark Move Notes
Michael Bernardo Turbo Shorin-Ryu Double-Spin-and-Strike 1st Dragon Star Champion
Hakim Alston The Machine Tae Kwon Do/Kickboxing Switching Axe-Kick First name spelled "Hakeem" on show
Ho Sung Pak Superstar Tae Kwon Do Pumping Side-Kick Real-Life brother of Star Warrior; Name translates from Koean into "Superstar"
Ho Young Pak Star Warrior Kung Fu Pumping Side-Kick Real-Life brother of Superstar; Name translates form Korean into "Star Warrior"
Richard Branden Yin-Yang Man Karate Butterfly Kick
Chris Casamassa Red Dragon Karate Spinning Hook Front-Kick Founder of Red Dragon Karate schools in California
Willie Johnson (The) Bam Kung Fu Bam-Slam
Larry Lam Warlock Kung Fu Spinning Side-Kick Storyline half-brother of Wizard
Herb Perez Olympus Tae Kwon Do Spinning Back Hook Kick Won Tae Kwon Do Gold Medal in 1992 Summer Olympics
Carmichael Simon The Kid Wushu 540-Degree Kick Sometimes called "Kid Charmichael"
Johnny Lee Smith Tiger Claw Shorin-Ryu Roundhouse-Hook Kick Best friend of Great Wolf
Jamie Webster Great Wolf Karate Windmill Native American name translates into "Great Wolf"; Best friend of Tiger Claw
Hien Ngyuen Tsunami Tae Kwon Do Rainbow Kick Newest Master in Season 1, Episode 1; Revealed to be a member of Jukido in season 2 finale
Erik Betts Panther Wushu Double Side-Kick Only appeared in Season 1

Season 2 MastersEdit

The following Masters all debuted in Season 2:

Master Name Ki Symbol Discipline Trademark Move Notes
Mike Chaturantabut Wizard Karate Shaolin Fury Storyline half-brother of Larry Lam
Marco Johnson Little Bam Kung Fu Son of Willie "The Bam" Johnson
Akihiro "Yuji" Noguichi Cyclone Karate Cyclone Kick
Taimak Striking Eagle Chinese Goju Only appeared in Season 2, Episode 6; Name means "Striking Eagle" in Aztec
Tracy Swedom Tracer Classified (Kodan Kan) Classified Real name "Michael M. Foley"; infitrates WMAC on behalf of Jukido; Storyline name is an anagram of "Destroy WMAC."

Ladies: (need to create table for them)

  • Mer-Mer Chen - Princess
  • Sophia Crawford - Chameleon (Season 2)
  • Michele Krasnoo - Mouse (Episode 2.6)
  • Lynnette Love - Tarantula (Season 1)
  • Bridgett Riley - Baby Doll (Season 1, with only one appearance in Season 2)
  • Tiana Noguchi - Black Widow
  • Christine Bannon Rodrigues - Lady Lightning

Unused MastersEdit

The following Masters were a part of WMAC but never appeared on television; Presumably, they would all have been a part of Season 3.

Master Name Ki Symbol Discipline
Clayton Barber Hollywood Tae Kwon Do
Pedro Xavier Axeman Tae Kwon Do
Rey-Phillip Santos Reign Tae Kwon Do

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