The WWF Hardcore Championship Belt

Known as the WWF Hardcore Championship throughout most of its existence, the title came into rotation when Vince McMahon presented the title to Mankind to appease him. Mankind lost the title to Big Boss Man in a ladder match, then Boss Man lost it to Road Dogg, who almost single-handedly turned it from a prop into a legitimate championship.

The championship itself appeared to be the "Winged Eagle" belt, which used to be used as the WWF World title. The reason for this selection was that ECW used a "Winged Eagle" replica for its television title (a rib on the WWF for being just a "TV show" while ECW was real wrestling). Albeit, there was some congruency (intentional or not) to the selection because Mr. Perfect hammered the championship's faceplate into dozens of pieces during his feud with Hulk Hogan (however, that actual faceplate was considerably more shattered than the Hardcore Championship appeared to have).

After Crash Holly won the championship in 1999, he added a bizarre "24/7" stipulation whereby anyone could challenge for the championship at any time as long as (A) they brought an official WWF referee, and (B) they pinned the reigning champion. The "24/7" stipulation remained in tact throughout the rest of its rotation until the title was merged with the WWF Intercontinental title. Tommy Dreamer was the last champion in 2002.

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