The World Wrestling Federation established its global dominance by popularizing cable television and the pay-per-view method of delivering programming. The latter quickly replaced WWF's arduous task of booking several venues across the country on which they could broadcast closed-circuit feeds of major events, like WrestleMania, through Viewer's Choice (one of the first three cable channels devoted to pay-per-view) with a simplified manner in which the fans would order the events if they were interested in watching.

The first pay-per-view WWF broadcast on Viewer's Choice was in November 1985, an event known as Wrestling Classic (featuring a single-elimination tournament of the same name and a title match between WWF Champion Hulk Hogan and Rowdy Roddy Piper) a few months after the first WrestleMania. Starting with WrestleMania 2, which also offered through closed-circuit viewings in major cities, the WWF began to rely more heavily on Viewer's Choice pay-per-views. WrestleMania III was the last event offered through closed-circuit broadcasts, after which the WWF relied exclusively on pay-per-view.

The number of annual events offered has grown from two to upwards of 16 (fortunately, WWE scaled back to a 14/year schedule), and numerous event names/titles have been used. Below is a complete list of events broadcast on pay-per-view as of May 2011 in order of debut:

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