The WWF Tag Team Championship Belt

The WWF Tag Team Championship was the premier tag team championship in the World Wrestling Federation. The WWF Tag Team Championship and the WWE Tag Team Championship are not the same championship, and they do not share a lineage. This is unlike the WWF Championship and the WWE Championship, which ARE the same championship. Yes, this is confusing.

The WWF Tag Team Championship was established on June 3, 1971 as the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF) World Tag Team Championship, when Tarzan Tyler and Luke Graham defeated Dick the Bruiser and The Original Sheik.

In 1979, following the company's name change, the belt became the WWF (World) Tag Team Championship. The title was transformed into the World Tag Team Championship when it was unified with the WCW Tag Team Championship at the end of the WCW Invasion in 2001.

The longest-reigning WWF Tag Team Champions were Demolition, who held the belts from March 27, 1988 by defeating the Strike Force at Wrestlemania IV, and retained them until they were defeated by The Brainbusters on July 18, 1989 at Saturday Night's Main Event.

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