WrestleMania 22: Big Time was the twenty-second annual WrestleMania event from World Wrestling Entertainment, held on April 2, 2006, at the All State Arena in Chicago, Illinois. Michelle Williams (Destiny's Child) sang "America The Beautiful."


Road to WrestleManiaEdit

  • After the tragic passing of Eddie Guerrero in November 2005, Rey Mysterio entered the Royal Rumble determined to win. Despite drawing #2, Rey Mysterio lasted the entire match and eliminated Randy Orton to earn a WrestleMania title shot. Unfortunately, he lost to Randy Orton at No Way Out, which put Orton in the title shot, but Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long stated that the contract never said that Orton would replace Rey Mysterio in the match, only that Orton would be in the match, so the WrestleMania title match became a triple threat match amongst Orton, Mysterio, and Kurt Angle.
  • To determine John Cena's challenger, an 8-man tournament was organized on RAW amongst Big Show, HHH, RVD, Kane, Chris Masters, Ric Flair, Carlito, and Shelton Benjamin. After RVD qualified for the finals, HHH/Big Show ended in a draw, so a triple threat was organized for the finals, which HHH won.
  • WWE released The Bret Hart Story DVD in December 2005, so Vince organized a "DVD review" segment for RAW in which he and Shawn Michaels would brag about how they ran Bret out of the WWF. However, Shawn Michaels was an unwilling participant and advised Vince should grow up. This led Vince (with the help of Shane McMahon, Spirit Squad, Chris Masters, and even Stephanie McMahon) to torment Shawn Michaels every week until WrestleMania 22, including a screw-job at Saturday Night's Main Event and forcing Marty Jannetty to join the "Kiss My Ass" club (for which Chris Masters & Carlito earned a World Tag Team title match when Masters abetted him).
  • After Edge lost a title rematch with Mick Foley as guest referee, Edge blamed him for the loss and he insisted that the two have a match at WrestleMania 22, but Mick Foley refused until Edge noted that, despite all of Foley's career-defining moments, Foley did not have a WrestleMania Moment.
  • After Kurt Angle defeated Mark Henry at the 2006 Royal Rumble, Undertaker returned to WWE. Undertaker challenged Angle at No Way Out, and then the two had a rematch on Smackdown, which Undertaker won by disqualification when Mark Henry interfered. Undertaker upped the stakes and challenged Mark Henry to a Casket Match.
  • In one of the best Diva storylines of all-time, Mickie James entered WWE claiming to be the biggest fan of WWE Women's champion Trish Stratus. However, it eventually turned into an obsession after Mickie revealed her crush on Trish.

Additional NotesEdit

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The AftermathEdit

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