WrestleMania was the first annual WrestleMania event from the World Wrestling Federation, held on March 31, 1985, from Madison Square Garden in New York City, NY. The legendary Librace sang "America The Beautiful."


Road To WrestleManiaEdit

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Additional NotesEdit

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The AftermathEdit

  • The success of WrestleMania proved a lot of critics wrong, and it turned pro wrestling from small time operations to the center of (some) media attention. According to his account, Bobby Heenan toasted Vince McMahon at the first WrestleMania after-party with, "here's to WrestleMania 2!" According to Heenan, McMahon said, "what do you mean?" To which Heenan replied, "here's to WrestleMania 22!"
  • After WrestleMania, the first Saturday Night's Main Event was held a few weeks later, in which WWF Champion Hulk Hogan defended against Cowboy Bob Orton. Also, George "The Animal" Steele split from his partners to become a fan favorite in the first SNME match.
  • A series of tag matches saw Tito Santana & Junkyard Dog face Greg "The Hammer" Valentine & Brutus Beefcake. After Santana regained the title from Valentine in July 1985, Valentine & Beefcake won the WWF Tag Team Championship belts the next month.
  • After WrestleMania, André continued to feud with Studd into the following year, and Studd formed a team King Kong Bundy. The two attacked André at a WWF house show in the summer of 1985, injuring his sternum. Subsequent tag matches saw Andre teaming with Hogan, Tony Atlas, Junkyard Dog, and Hillbilly Jim.
  • In late 1985, The Fabulous Moolah beat Wendi Richter for the WWF Women's Championship in extremely controversial fashion. Dressed as The Spider Lady, Moolah scored an unconvincing three-count from the referee, and Richter went bezerk after the match, which many fans felt was a precursor for the Montreal Screwjob. At the time, Richter had requested more money due to the mainstream attention that she was garnering (after her high-profile partnership with Cindy Lauper) feeling that she was drawing more fans than her paychecks reflected.
  • Although he was a preliminary wrestler at the time of the event, Matt Bourne returned to the WWF several years later as the villainous Doink The Clown. He was fired right around the time his character became a fan favorite (unrelated to the faceturn).

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