WrestleMania V: The Mega Powers Explode! was the fifth annual WrestleMania event from the World Wrestling Federation, held on April 2, 1989, at Trump Plaza, in Atlantic City, New Jersey. WWF Women's champion Rockin' Robin sang "America The Beautiful."


As provided verbatim from WWF Magazine, June 1989, pg. 30:

Road to WrestleManiaEdit

  • When Randy Savage won the WWF championship the year before, it launched the Mega Powers as a tag team. Together, Savage & Hulk Hogan seemingly had each other's backs through the whole year, including matches at SummerSlam and Survivor Series, but Savage became increasingly paranoid before they broke up on The Main Event.
  • During the Royal Rumble a couple months earlier, WWF Intercontinental champion Ultimate Warrior had a "super posedown" with Ravishing Rick Rude. Irate by Warrior's popularity skewing the results, Rude attacked him with a dumbbell and choked Warrior out before Rude could be restrained.
  • Although Master Fuji was instrumental in Demolition winning the WWF Tag Team championship at WrestleMania IV, he dumped them at the following Survivor Series in favor of the Powers of Pain. Due to his consistent inteference in title matches between the two teams, Demolition agreed to a handicap match with Fuji as an official participant.
  • On Saturday Night's Main Event, Jake The Snake Roberts wrestled Ravishing Rick Rude to a chaotic draw, featuring interference from Andre The Giant. In retaliation, Roberts brought Damien out of the bag and it was unearthed that Andre was deathly afraid of snakes.
  • In 1989, Bobby Heenan took Terry Taylor "under his wing" and repackaged him as The Red Rooster. After a high-profile loss to Tito Santana, Rooster fired Bobby Heenan who was berating him for the defeat. Heenan sought revenge by having perennial jobber Steve Lombardi attack Rooster on Prime Time Wrestling. Heenan repackaged Lombardi into "The Brooklyn Brawler," as he remained known through the remainder of his career.
  • In another miscalculation, Bobby Heenan "sold" Hercules to Ted DiBiase, who made the announcement after weeks of bragging that he had accomplished a purchase that every man wanted but few men could achieve. He announced that Hercules was his slave now, but Hercules revolted immediately.
  • After Strike Force lost the WWF Tag Team championships, Rick Martel suffered a concussion during a rematch. Tito Santana wrestled as a singles competitor for the remainder of 1988 until Martel was able to return to the WWF. Although the real holdup was contractual agreements, the concussion angle was provided to explain to fans why he couldn't wrestle but he could return at 100% at any time after his "injury."

Additional NotesEdit

  • Trump Plaza is the only location to hold back-to-back events, and (up until 1994) it was the only venue to hold two events.
  • Rowdy Roddy Piper returned to the WWF for the first time in two years. He hosted a special Piper's Pit with Brother Love and Morton Downey, Jr. Additionally, Jimmy Superfly Snuka made a surprise return to the WWF.
  • Run-D.M.C. performed a special WrestleMania rap.
  • Attendance for this event was 20,313 according to WWF Magazine (other sources quote 20,369).

The AftermathEdit

  • Hulk Hogan retained the championship until the following year.
  • Rick Rude was the first member of the Heenan Family to win gold in the WWF. Before Rude lost the title, Brain struck more gold when the Brain Busters defeated Demolition for the tag titles on Saturday Night's Main Event with help from Andre The Giant. Unfortunately, Rude then lost his title several weeks later at SummerSlam '89 when The Ultimate Warrior regained the belt.
  • Rick Martel repackaged himself and became Rick The Model Martel under the guidance of "The Doctor of Style" Slick. Martel and Tito Santana continued to feud for several years afterwards.
  • After Ted DiBiase interfered in his match with Andre, Jake The Snake Roberts feuded with him for the next 12 months before the two had a grudge match at WrestleMania VI. Conversely, Big John Studd left the WWF shortly after the event, so his renewed feud with Andre the Giant never took shape.
  • Although they were unsuccessful in their match with the Hart Foundation, Honky Tonk Man & Greg Valentine continued to partner and entered the tag division as Rhythm & Blues.

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