WrestleMania VIII was the eighth annual WrestleMania event from the World Wrestling Federation, held on April 5, 1992, at the Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis, Indiana. Reba McIntyre sang the National Anthem.


Winner(s) Loser(s) Championship(s) Means of winning
Shawn Michaels (w/ Sherri Martel) "El Matador" Tito Santana N/A Pinfall after a reversed scoop slam
The Undertaker Jake "The Snake" Roberts N/A Pinfall following a Tombstone Piledriver
Bret "Hit Man" Hart (new champion) "Rowdy" Roddy Piper Intercontinental Championship Pinfall reversing a Sleeper Hold
Big Boss Man, Virgil, Jim Duggan & Sgt. Slaughter Repo Man, The Mountie, Nasty Boys N/A Pinfall
Randy "Macho Man" Savage (new champion) Ric Flair (w/ Mr. Perfect) WWF Championship Pinfall, school-boy rollup
Tatanka Rick Martel N/A Pinfall after a cross body block
Natural Disasters Money, Inc. (still champions) WWF Tag Team Championship Count-Out
Owen Hart Skinner N/A Pinfall, roll-up
Hulk Hogan Sid Justice N/A Disqualification after interference by Harvey Wippleman and Papa Shango

Road to WrestleManiaEdit

  • After Ric Flair won the WWF World title at the Royal Rumble, Hulk Hogan, Randy Macho Man Savage, Sid Justice, Rowdy Roddy Piper, and The Undertaker were named as the five top contenders by WWF President Jack Tunney from which a challenger for WrestleMania VIII would be selected. Tunney selected Hogan; however, after Hogan & Justice faced Flair & Undertaker on Saturday Night's Main Event and Sid Justice abandoned his partner, Hogan abdicated his title shot for a match with Sid Justice. Instead, the title match went to Randy Savage.
    Shortly after the Hogan/Sid match was scheduled for WrestleMania, news broke that it could be Hulk Hogan's last match ever (it was his last match of 1992).
    Meanwhile, Ric Flair claimed that he had a romantic relationship with Miss Elizabeth prior to her meeting Randy Savage, boasting to Savage, "she was mine, before she was yours." WWF Magazine published photographs of the two in romantic settings, although Savage retaliated the following month by showing that Flair had superimposed himself over Randy Savage in the couple's actual photographs. The entire ordeal became known as "The Macho-Flair Affair."
  • On the last SNME before WrestleMania, Randy Savage beat Jake The Snake Roberts by pinfall but after the match, Roberts found a steel chair backstage and he said that he would hit the first person to come through the curtain, regardless if it was Savage or Elizabeth herself. However, Undertaker prevented him from striking -- thus initiating Undertaker's first run as a babyface.
  • On the Friday before the Royal Rumble, at which Bret Hart was scheduled to defend the WWF Intercontinental title against the Mountie, Mountie pinned Bret Hart to win the championship because Bret entered the match fighting off effects of a flubug and with a 107-degree temperature. Mountie's first title defense was against Roddy Piper, who won the title. Piper and Mountie had a rematch at SNME where the winner would face Bret at WrestleMania. Piper won the match by wearing a bullet proof vest to counteract the Mountie's shock stick. His vest (which he exposed after the match) read "Shock Proof."
  • Legion of Doom had been WWF Tag Team champions since SummerSlam 1991 but they lost the titles to Money Inc. when Jimmy Hart swerved the Natural Disasters and gave their match to Money Inc. According to Gorilla Monsoon's account, Hart told Disasters that their title match was late on the card, knowing that it was scheduled early in the night, so by the time the Disasters made it to the arena, Money Inc. had already won the match and the titles. The double-cross resulted in Disasters firing Jimmy Hart as their manager.

Additional notesEdit

  • During the event, there was a satelitte interview with Lex Luger in which he (fresh out of WCW) announced he was joining the WBF. Conflicting reports differ whether his WBF stint was legitimately to compete in WBF or simply to wait out a no-compete clause.
  • Legion of Doom had a special interview between the first and second match in which they introduced Paul Ellering as their manager to the WWF audience.
  • In the March 1992 issue of WWF Magazine, it listed the tag team matches differently. It said that the Natural Disasters caused Legion of Doom to lose the WWF Tag Team titles, and as a result, those two teams would meet in a no-disqualification match. Meanwhile, Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Sgt. Slaughter were scheduled to challenge Money Inc. These two matches were only printed in the magazine and never announced on television.
  • During this WrestleMania, Pat Patterson was on leave from the company stemming from the sex & steroids scandals that broke out into the mainstream media in early 1992. Although the controversy affected getting sponsors for the event, it did not have a noticeable decline in buyrates or attendance.
  • Ray Combs (host of "Family Feud") served as guest ring announcer for the eight-man tag team match. In the weeks prior, they filmed a week of shows featuring the WWF versus Vince's new World Bodybuilding Federation (WBF).
  • According to his book Heartbreak & Triumph, the original plan for Shawn Michaels was to have him face former-partner Marty Jannetty at the event. Unfortunately, Jannetty was released from the company in January 1992, so that match did not happen. However, their feud took shape in time for Royal Rumble 1993.

The AftermathEdit

  • The Ultimate Warrior returned to the WWF to save Hulk Hogan from the post-match beatdown by Papa Shango and Sid Justice. The interference was designed to start a program between Sid and Warrior, but a few weeks after WrestleMania, Sid flipped out while on the road, and he left the WWF. The program was quickly shifted to Warrior and Papa Shango.
  • Randy Savage reigned as champion through SummerSlam, where he defended the title against Ultimate Warrior. Shortly thereafter, he lost the title back to Ric Flair.
  • Money Inc. used their same ploy of walking out on their title defenses against the Natural Disasters to remain champions for a while, but eventually, the Disasters kept them in the ring (during a match conveniently recorded for Coliseum Home Video) to win the titles. Money Inc. won the titles back a few months later and defended the belts at the next WrestleMania.
  • Bret Hart reigned as champion until SummerSlam, where he lost the title to his brother-in-law Davey Boy Smith. A couple months later, Bret Hart beat Flair for the WWF World title.
  • Shawn Michaels continued to ascend up the midcard ranks of the WWF, challenging for the WWF Intercontinental championship for the next several months before winning the title in October 1992.
  • Tatanka remained undefeated through the next 18 months.
  • Legion of Doom could not find renewed energy with Paul Ellering and the WWF felt the two monsters needed to be more sympathetic, so LOD were shown rummaging through their old ghetto in Chicago, where they found a discarded childhood toy (a dummy named Rocco) which began to accompany them to the ring for matches. A few months later, Road Warrior Hawk had enough and quit the WWF (Road Warrior Animal was injured immediately afterwards and released shortly thereafter).
  • Before his match with The Undertaker, Jake The Snake Roberts demanded his immediate release from the WWF. According to Roberts, he had asked to apply for the position that Pat Patterson vacated, but Vince McMahon said out of respect to Patterson, they were not filling the void (most analysts correctly assumed it was only a matter of time before Patterson returned to full capacity). Meanwhile, Grizzly Smith (his father) had a high-paying job for Roberts in the role of a performer and booker in World Championship Wrestling which Jake wanted to take. So, he got his release and arrived at WCW just in time for management to flip-flop and he lost out on the cushy position (although, he did work for WCW as an in-ring performer for several months).

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