WrestleMania XV: The Ragin' Climax was the fifteenth annual WrestleMania event from the World Wrestling Federation, held on March 28, 1999, at the First Union Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Boyz II Men performed the National Anthem or "America The Beautiful."


Road to WrestleManiaEdit

  • After Vince McMahon won the 1999 Royal Rumble match, thanks in large part to The Rock, he abdicated his WrestleMania title shot, which prompted WWF Commissioner Shawn Michaels to announce that his actions mean that the title shot will go to the runner-up (Stone Cold). Austin and McMahon arranged a steel cage match for St. Valentine's Day Massacre, which Austin won when Paul Wight made his WWF debut and threw Austin through the cage (the wall dislatched and Austin landed safely outside).
  • Mankind defeated WWF Champion Rock on the first 1999 episode of RAW, thanks in large part to Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Rock regained the title in an "I Quit" match at the Royal Rumble (as seen on Beyond The Mat), but Mankind beat him for the title in an Empty Arena match during Halftime Heat. The two men fought to a double-knockout at St. Valentine's Day Massacre, but The Rock won the title in a Ladder match the following night, thanks in large part to "The Big Show" Paul Wight. As a result, Austin challenged The Rock, and Mankind faced Big Show to determine which man would referee the main event.
  • On the night after St. Valentine's Day Massacre, Shane McMahon & Kane beat HHH & X-Pac, through which Shane won the WWF European Championship.
  • After Road Dogg upset WWF Intercontinental champion Val Venis to win the title, Bad Ass Billy Gunn (who had been in pursuit of that title) won the WWF Hardcore Championship. The New Age Outlaws had a title-for-title match on RAW, which ended in a draw. Both men defended their title in unrelated multi-man matches at WrestleMania amongst the top contenders for the respective titles.
  • The Corporation started feuding with the Ministry of Darkness, and Big Boss Man faced The Undertaker as the corporate representative.
  • Ryan Shamrock frequently appeared in the WWF Intercontinental title matches for a few months as she was Ken's sister who sided with Val Venis in February 1998, and somehow she aligned with Goldust & The Blue Meanie after Venis lost the title and before WrestleMania XV.

Additional NotesEdit

  • The tagline for the event was "The Ragin' Climax," and during the Road to WrestleMania, featured a countdown clock to "The Ragin' Climax." It's still a matter of debate whether the tagline was the WWF's attempt to be silly (for the biggest event of the year?) or if they seriously thought "The Ragin' Climax" was an exciting tagline (??).
  • After the Hell in a Cell match, the Brood (including Edge and Christian) hanged the Big Boss Man from an ascending Hell in a Cell. Although hanging a wrestler is always in bad taste, the Corporation and the Ministry joined forces a short time later, which would have made sense to bridge the two events if The Big Boss Man were among the walking dead, but no, he came back after his storyline murder and then had no active part in the merger when it happened a couple weeks later. Sadly, Ray Traylor (Big Boss Man) died in real life a few years later, so the tasteless footage is now in even worse taste today.
  • To determine challengers for WWF Tag Team champions Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett, there was a battle royal held during Sunday Night Heat before WrestleMania XV (essentially, the pre-show) where the last two competitors would challenge the champions. Everyone quickly eliminated Public Enemy, and then the last two men remaining were rivals D'Lo Brown & Test.
  • This event was the second year in a row that Stone Cold Steve Austin won the WWF Championship at WrestleMania, and it was the first of three Austin/Rock matches at WrestleMania events.

The AftermathEdit

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin held the championship for less than two months before he lost it to The Undertaker, after the Corporation and the Ministry of Darkness merged to become The Corporate Ministry. Austin regained the championship about a month later to reign until SummerSlam '99 where he lost the title to Mankind in a triple threat with HHH.
  • WWF Intercontinental champion Road Dogg lost the championship the next night on Monday Night Raw to Goldust.
  • WWF Tag Team champions Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett lost the titles to Kane & X-Pac after both men were scorned by HHH and Chyna joining the Corporation.
  • Despite a successful title defense on this night, Shane McMahon retired before X-Pac could extract revenge. A few weeks later, Mideon asked if he could borrow a belt from Shane's gym bag and he started wearing the WWF European title belt, which brought the championship back into rotation.
  • After months chasing the title, ECW alum Al Snow finally won the WWF Hardcore championship the next month at Backlash.
  • Turning on his teammates turned out to be the best career choice for Triple H. He was immediately repackaged more edgy and he won the WWF Championship in August 1999. Later that year, HHH reformed DX but they hardly made an impact while HHH went on to headline WrestleMania 2000. (Of course, some would argue HHH's best career choice was marrying Stephanie McMahon.)
  • D'Lo Brown and Test never teamed up again, although they didn't really feud with each other either.

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