Real Name Nancy Alan Devane
Birthdate January 23
Height 6'1"
Weight 163 lbs.
Eye color Blue
Hair color Red
Fighting style Freestyle
Debut Hawk & Croc Strip 001
English voice actor(s) Brandon A. Mayo

X-Croc is the code-name for Nancy Alan Devane, the titular protagonist in the PsychoAndyverse webcomic, Hawk & Croc. "Croc," for short, is an awkward, lanky doof who gains the ability to generate electricity with his body.

Croc is the boyfriend of Alli Grey, former roommate of Fire Raven and Jacky Nightblade, and best friends with Dariaan Nighthawk. He was trained to use his powers by Fire Raven. He works as a delivery boy for Hungry Wolf Pizza, which is owned by Terrance Beauregard.

In High school, Croc's favorite teacher was Mr. Johnson, and he dated Julia Bovein.

Croc got his powers by trying to make toast while taking a bath.

The Mighteous X-Croc was created and is owned by Brandon A. Mayo.

Childhood Croc went to Leonardo Elementary.

High School Croc went to Leonardo High.

Post-Graduation Croc lives with Hawk, Alli, Beth, and Jacky.

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