XO cover

J&MP's first album cover

"XO" was the name of the third studio album written, recorded, and released by Jeordie and it was the first release as Jeordie & The Mixology Project. The compact disc featured twelve tracks recorded between Take 3 Productions studio and ACME Recording Studios in Scottsdale, Arizona and (true to the "mixology" idea) it featured a slew of different line-ups of musicians and instruments. Additionally, the CD featured a bonus track by Jeordie's maternal grandmother Polly Safka, and a rare cover of her mother's classic "Look What They've Done To My Song". All other music and lyrics were written by Jeordie Schekeryk.

Track listing:
1. Walking Away
2. Fence
3. Break'n My Fall
4. Pre U
5. TLC (Tastes Like Chicken)
6. Bridges
7. My Love
8. Communicate
9. Want
10. B&W
11. Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma
12. The Wind
13. Why Don't You Do Right (Polly Safka)

Prior to the official release of the album, a full-length video for "The Wind" was filmed in July 2011. Additionally, a test demo was printed in August 2011, on which Ed The K Motley was thanked in the notes (the reprint removed a lot of the text to increase readability).

The album cover was inspired by a picture Jeordie created and posted on Facebook for Valentine's Day, on which Kay commented that if she named her album "XO," then it would be the perfect album cover. Jeordie agreed, and the album was officially released with the picture as its cover.

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